protesters and tourists

I saw this man out on Penn Ave. in front of the white house
I approached him and asked if there were twins somewhere missing red bmx bikes

then I asked if I could take his picture
he was happy to have his picture taken and have his message heard
everyone was taking his picture
everyone was hearing what he had to say

it is an interesting approach
and oddly enough it worked

that very custom contraption got people's attention in ways that a sign on a stick would never gather

I wish I had spent a little more time getting under the hood and checking out how this thing worked
it appeared to roll at a gentle pace on this flat surface quite nicely
it made a slow turn well enough

is more than I have ever invented or created

war on the christians....

that is what his main message was
war on the christians
which to him meant to wage war on george bush
because george bush is christian

on my departure I told him to stay out of trouble
and to try not to get arrested

he told me that he had been tehre and done that
that all happened two days ago

1 comment:

Jim said...

I saw him the first day he rolled up. The Secret Service gave that thing a *thorough* going over as I was riding by. Kind of deservedly - looks like some kind of Rube Goldberg Urban Assault Vehicle.

Wonder how that thing handles on a BMX track.