two gig card missing

two gig card missing
well... maybe I lost the card
maybe I am not sure where I put the card
the card will either show up or the card will be lost
it does not matter what was on the card
maybe I took the best shots of my life on that card
but it is not worth worrying about
worrying will not bring the card back
either I will located the card
or the card is gone forever

today I got a call from lisa when I was at work
I could tell from her voice that she was on the verge of being shaken
of course I thought of the boys and all that could go wrong in this world
then I asked her if she was alright
before I could ask if the boys were alright she told me that everyone was fine

then lisa tried to explain what had happened

in short she was driving down the street when a car coming the opposite direction threw something out of the window
intentional or accidental?
either way the window is broken and the white teen age boys are long gone in a car that passed too quickly to be identified

sure it will cost us
the cost is pretty much equal to the deductible
but no reason to get excited
no reason to freak out
just deal with it

it sucks
but we have to deal with it

image from etch a sketch artist blog
I am pretty good with the etch a sketch
but I never got past the stations of the cross
got stuck on one theme
and could not get through it

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gwadzilla said...

last night I taped up lisa's broken window
taped it thinking it could be a week before the people do the curb side repair

it is not so...
they are fixing it today

found the 2gig SD Card....

everything is nearly back in order
except I forgot to charge my battery for my camera

oh well...
no photo ops today