need to get rolling

about time I get rolling...

there is time to ride before work
I am not going to use it
the body feels good from a solid road ride yesterday and yoga on saturday

this morning should have included a hot yoga session
or a spin around town
instead I am sipping coffee and blogging
still need to walk the dog
had considered climbing back into bed after lisa left out for work with the kids for drop off at school

was going to rant about yesterday's time on the bike
it was nothing to blog about
roughly 24 miles... wind in my face in both directions... the earth tilted such that it was up hill no matter where I went
a road spin on Beach Drive was all I could fit in my small window of opportunity between picking up the boys at grandma's after a sleep over and going to the Capital's game

the boys had a good time at the Caps game
we left before the third period
grant was starting to fade and I had the MORE Winter Party to attend
this morning Dean asked why we left early

that photo was sent to me this weekend
me about a decade ago
setting the bike up before the start of one of the 24 Hours of Canaan events

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camps said...

Nice and svelte there Joelie.
You weren't sportin' those skinny 'cross tires to your left were you?
Nice sneakers.
I think I did my first couple 24/Canaans in hiking boots.

gwadzilla said...

no cross tires

but I was riding rigid

those are actually Shimano SPD shoes
but PayLess more than likely makes something more comfortable and more stable

camps... expected to see you at the Water Buffalo Lodge last night
you were a no show!

camps said...

Yea Fred,
I hit the Gambrill ride with Pooch and co. in the morning, then dashed back north of the line. Was cool to see some peeps, woulda been cooler to see more at the MORE though.