gwadzilla needs to outsource some tasks

gwadzilla needs to out source some tasks

life can be so overwhelming
it is hard to keep up with everything I want to do

there just is not enough time in the day for all that I want to do
I want to take pictures
I want to write down words
I want to ride my bike
I want to hang with my family
should I have said that I want to hang with my family first?
no... hanging with my family is like breathing... I need to do it
it gives me energy it gives me life
I do it this much is a given
I love to do it

so much I want to do
I want to feed the birds in the park
I want to take my dog for long walks
I want to stay up late
I want to sleep late

I want to read blogs and I want to write blogs
I still have not finished the City Paper cover story for this week
did not even get to read the News of the Weird!

I want to read books
I want to write books
I want to color books

there are things that I need to do
there are things that I want to do
these things are not always the same
I have to work
we all have to work
work can get in the way of play
I try not to let play get in the way of work
there is an overlap

maybe I could get some college interns
it would be easier if I could pull an Andy Warhol
create the Gwadzilla Factory!
have my staff of unpaid and overworked interns do all the things that I want to do
so I can put my feet up and issue orders
send out kids with cameras to take my photos
have another set of kids do my Photoshop efforts
there would be an office staff that would be researching topics and compiling posts
instead of being a grunt I would be the Art Director
every crazy notion I want to be developed would get developed instead of shelved because I lack the time
how do I get these college interns?
maybe I should place a call to the Corcoran School of Art
I would love to take classes at the Corcoran


fridrix said...

why dont'u produce a book about dc bike messengers


Mohd A Mateen said...

hey I am here to help drop in at mateen.jazz@hotmail.com see u