I am who I am... it is only scary to those who do not know me

I am who I am
it is only scary to those who do not know me

my kids... their friends... the kids in their classes
no one sees me as a monster
this is not always the case
when I saw Niki hammering in the woods
she seemed a little shocked when I tried to lend a furry hand in support


Icon O. Classt said...

Pretty sure you're scarier to those who do know you.

I don't think "support" is the right word here...

Nice running shoes, btw.

the original big ring said...

funny, as I was scrolling down this evening I saw the photo of you racing and your picture reminded me of BigFoot . . . then I scroll down a little further and who do I see? BigFoot!

Yep, you do look like him. How about smell?

gwadzilla said...


Darren said...

great photo be even better super impose your face in it.