big house red

Big House Red

I am attracted to the label when I buy wine
the label and sometimes the bottle
there is something about packaging

the label is a big part of packaging when it comes to wine

Big House Red is twist off
why cork?
I am buying this wine to drink
not to store in my cellar for a few decades


Jim said...

Hey, who cares how it's packaged? If it's tasty to you, then drink it. If after drinking that you find you prefer something more overtly sophisticated in its packaging, that's good too. You don't have to make Robert Parker happy, it only matters if the booze makes you happy.

gwadzilla said...


I do not entirely agree

it is like the color of my bike
I do not care about the color of my bike
when shopping
I am drawn towards the bikes that look cool


across the board
I like cool packaging

the shape of the SMART WATER bottle for example

or a PEZ dispenser

who really like PEZ?
if it were just the candy?
no one would buy it

the label on the wine bottle alerts me to what I liked before
and also makes me think that this product may be made by people more like me than the other products

Jim said...

I highly recommend both the Fat Bastard line, and Goats do Roam, if you like spirited table wines that appear to be made by people more like you than Robert Parker. You may also like Cycles Gladiator wine - some good stuff - and the Chilean Bicycle brand.

pabiker said...

I too was lured by the Big House label and was not disappointed.