it is true... I take a great number of photographs

Tia hammers on... even though it appears that she took a spill
the woman has spirit!
these two need to get a tandem...


Anonymous said...

Wow, kewl, my Proteus Pumpkin friend and I are famous! Thanks!

I took a couple shots of you in your spiffy outfit in the Christmas tree loop. I'll see if I can get 'em to you sometime soon.


P.S. My B.F. and I actually ARE shopping tandems, so your comment is more clever than you know!

gwadzilla said...

glad I caught the shot
I really wanted a photo of me kissing the pumpkin
but that did not happen

I say check Craig's List for the tandem
know your size and needs

tandems are like pool tables
they seem like a good idea at the time
but they take up a great deal of space
and end up not being used as much as people think

that said... I have heard that tandem racing is really picking up

on DCMTB Michael and Sarah ride/race tandems
as well do Betsy and Gunnar Shogren

those that use them love them

one and a quarter bikes for two people equals SPEED


Anonymous said...

Thanks for th tips. We've been shopping for a while, doing lots of test rides, and we think we've got it pretty well nailed. We're both moderate-to-slow riders & not racers. We do fundraising rides for M.S. We do centuries, but it takes us a loooong time. We're thinking the tandem will help us with that!