i need to get me one of these...

doing a little research and development for dc smartbike
excuse me smartbike dc
okay... rogue R&D when a friend stopped by my office to grab something bicycle related

gregg was running an errand
some last minute birthday shopping
not sure where he went... victoria secrets?
so rather than get suited up in his commuter gear and throw his leg over his commuter bike he snagged a smartbike

both fashionable and functional

I was impressed with how nimble the bikes were
they have some quick handling that would work well with traffic
while more than likely having a built in low maximum speed

good stuff
I need to get registered so that the smartbike dc can be part of my day

that only sounded like a commercial
but in the commercial there would be a helmet
and a skidding disclaimer
wheelies are not really part of my disclaimer
but an ad for smartbike dc would not show wheelies either


PEP said...

Show the wheelie pic!!

John Garrish said...

hike up them drawers boy

gwadzilla said...

my good friend...
that is my shirt
not my short

but I could use a belt!

when you come to town next
we should get lunch
we can get lunch and zip around town on SMARTBIKES!