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this is a comment rant about music I threw on a FACEBOOK status update...

I started in on a response... clumsy fingers sent this page back to SCRABBLE... maybe it was my subconscious

growing up in the DC area the notions of the DC scene trickled down to form my ideas and opinions

there was some East vs. West thoughts
and of course we were pro-East which made us anti-west

DC takes its music seriously
we are a culture ... Read Moreof people with sticks up their ass
we are a tad uptight

the film AMERICAN HARDCORE touched on the society's contribution to the identity of the bands

DC bands were not formed from teen run aways squatting in some abandoned houses

Kenny from Marginal Man was interviewed not because of his status in the scene... but as a metaphor for who these people were
these children were the spawn of parents who were something

most of the parents were educated contributors to on of the various intellectual machines of Washington DC

so my musical tastes may touch on the LA thing or the PUNK thing from across the pond
DC was never really the hometown for the mohawk

continued in another comment...

is it possible.... I maxed out that comment...

in short...
I was more into Minor Threat than Stiff Little Finger, which is not to say I did not like/love/listen to UK Subs or The Damned...

so... Dischord records has a stronger presence in my collection than Epitaph or SST
even if Black Flag DAMAGE was one of my favorite records

that is enough now
I am tired of typing

American Hardcore
Dischord Records
DOA (sexpistols one and only us tour)

and then an epic film that I saw on VHS a hundred and one times

New York Times review
if you have not seen it... NETFLIXS!

I guess I could just ask...
but I fear that it is a situation where I should already know
anyone know what band LIBERTYBIKES was/is in?


libertyonbikes! said...

i think it was some crappy bad called 'the morning' that broke up before they even played at the local battle of the bands. who was of mediocre talent and surrounded by the few talented people to come out of the SLC scene. just a no one who carries around a camera with some hope of not working his current job. AND only wishes there was as many people on bike that he passes on the way to work - as you do. but it's usually the same three people........, and a fan of the dc/'cross blogs & their writing.

Anonymous said...

"DC bands were not formed from teen run aways squatting in some abandoned houses"

yeah, henry rollins went to bullis prep, if i'm not mistaken. wore jacket and tie to class every day. no wonder he's still so pissed off. LOL. i would be too.

but that was one thing i appreciated about the d.c. hardcore scene: it mattered not where you came from, but rather what you believed in and where you were going.