DCMTB is no longer associated with City Bikes

after a 10 year relationship with City Bikes the mountain bike team known as DCMTB has now formed allegiance with THE FAMILY BIKE SHOP in Crofton

time to move on... just time

the DCMTB Squad has been growing and changing over the years
the transfer over to The Family Bike Shop feels like a good match for this growth

The Family Bike Shop Blog



Jeff said...

So shouldn't you also change the team name since maybe 10% of the members actually live in the city?

gwadzilla said...

I am not sure of the statistics on all of that...

but if the Washington Capitals can practice in Virginia
and I guess that the Redskins play in Maryland
and the Washington National Airport is on the other side of the river
we can let DC mean DC area aswell

gwadzilla said...

looks like 33% are DC Residents

Lee said...

Family Bike Shop are good people. Sounds like a positive transition! I'm looking forward to this season.

Jim said...

Their clientele is awesome too. And good looking. Did I mention that?