shut off to cars...

who had the wisdom to shut off Rock Creek Park on weekends and holidays to cars?

that wisdom should be expressed elsewhere....

sections of M Street in Georgetown would make an awesome walking mall!
7th Street by the Eastern Market should also be a walking MALL! More Market Potential!
Bethesda Avenue in downtown Bethesda should be shut down on weekends and holidays to car traffic

bring the streets back to the people

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Jeff said...

WABA and People's Alliance for Rock Creek Park were responsible for the closure I believe. It predates my time in DC though.

Isn't 7th street already closed to auto traffic during the market? Penn Ave. by the White House is another great space that is shut off from cars. I'd love to see a ciclovia from there, down 14th and then back on Penn to the Capitol. Connecticut Ave. from K St. to Florida would be great too. Linking both would be even better!