fun in florida...

sunset on Marco Island...
these shots taken just after sunset

great shot... as long as none of that sand goes into my camera


Sam said...

Great photos of the sand being thrown! Hope you're enjoying your trip

GhostRider said...

Great form with the cast net...did you catch anything?

gwadzilla said...

great trip!

caught a good number of bait fish

did better casting blind than trying to catch that seldom seen fish or the fast passing school of fish

the fishermen got their bait
my boys got fish for their bucket
and I got to pretend like I knew how to throw a cast net

MaggieMPBP said...

Love the cast netting photo. I remember being a kid and being grossed out by my grandfather's friend who took his dentures out to throw a cast net. Ahhhh, nothing like growing up on the Gulf!