funny.... I am trying to make a FACEBOOK list of 20 Albums that effected my life... it is quite an exercise

while I am making this FACEBOOK List of 25 Albums that effected me I can not help but think about the book/movie High Fidelity

High Fidelity was about lists

fantastic movie
and even better book
it was my friend Shaubie, Tim Faia's wife, who gave me that book after she read it
she thought I would like it
she was right... I loved it

so... Kelso commented on my blog which sent me over to check out something about a mix tape for lance that was produced by Barry Wicks

if I knew Barry Wicks I would ask him some questions
Barry Wicks


Scott T. said...

I just read High Fidelity. I saw the movie many years ago. Maybe I'm too old, but I found the main character in the book whiny. I just couldn't identify with him.

But I look forward to your album list.

Steeker said...

geeezz what a list ,, lol I would get a migrain trying to do that

gwadzilla said...

“Think of 20 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, literally socked you in the gut, is what I mean. Then when you finish, tag 20 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill.”

growing up music was huge to me
the music my mother played around the house is linked to so many memories
there was barry manilow but I also remember carly simon and carol king
some of it could have just been the radio
some of those memories are from when I was five or six
then as an early teen I remember hearings stuff like WHO'S NEXT or THE KINKS or THE DOORS and know I had heard it before... and must have been the radio rock of my childhood
the music I listened to when coloring in coloring books
then so on and so on....
so I will try to tell about 20 Albums that impacted me
this will try to happen with some chronology

In grade school I listened to the Beatles as much as I could whenever I could... coloring at friends houses or riding in the car... Those Beatles movies that inspired the MONKEES. I Loved That Stuff! I did not go to school the day that it was announced that John Lennon was shot. In the basement... the basement that I should be cleaning I just saw some newspaper clips that I saved from the washington post that day.
REVOLVER or RUBBER SOUL not sure... name another and that may be my favorite... oh... not Seargant Pepper's.... although I listened it more than others I seem to recall some vinyl anthologies on Apple Records that really introduced the Beatles to me The covers had these photo shoots of the era that the songs were written. It intrigued me how they made these dramatic physical and fashion changes through the years

2.Stevie Wonder: Songs to the Key of Life
again in early grade school (third grade) this album blew my mind
I listened to the radio and crap like everyone else I still know all the words to COLD AS ICE and sing it with bravado when I hear it and I am cool enough to know that there is no reason to listen to anything by BOSTON after their first album but when I wasn't like every other third grader complaining about being HOT BLOODED
I recall be blown away by Stevie Wonder SONGS TO THE KEY OF LIFE
I think that the fact that Stevie Wonder was blind intrigued me and drew me to this
Sir Duke was the first song that got me listening... but PASTIME PARADISE and the rest will finish the job... the fact Stevie Wonder plays all the instruments on some tracks is mind blowing but super mind blowing to my child's mind

3. Lynrd Skynrd: GOLD AND PLATNIUM
Around 7th grade my brother got a turn table and started to get some records. He got this album... Southern Folk Music... I still love the stories and the songs today I think the song 38 Special explains my feelings on guns as an adult today Every song is a sing along and you don't have to know how to sing to sing em... they are stories and it is folk music
I did not go for the full SOUTHERN ROCK THING
Charlie Daniels was cool...
but Molly Hatchet was unnecessary

Jim Morrison was it! In 7th grade I was starting to transition from rock and roll to punk and new wave... but Jim Morrison was the deal... All this music was coming at me because I just started to give a shit. I got MY OWN turntable and started to get my own records. I listened to all of the albums I could find by the THE DOORS not the greatest hits... but the various albums... The voice made Jim Morrison come alive. I read that book NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE It was more than just the music. I really loved to put on the headphones and crank it... and this was the era where Sony had just come out with the WALKMAN! WOW! YOU CAN WALK WITH YOUR CASSETTE PLAYER AND HEADPHONES NO MORE CUMBERSOME BOOM BOX!

5. The Clash: The Clash and London Calling
Shit... anything by the Clash before Sandinista... which had some great songs... but did not affect me the way so much of the work by the Clash before that album... and Combat Rock was a giggle.... but was nothing but that... the other shit was RAW and REAL... and I dug it.... I still don't know shit about what they were saying... but I felt it when I listened to it. The musica always had me wondering where the music came from... what were their influences and why were they singing what they were singing... the Clash pushed me further towards what was what I considered THE SECOND BRITISH INVASION

6.David Bowie Hunky Dory/The Sex Pistols: Nevermind the Bollocks/ David Bowie Low
I list these three records because I got the three of them at Kemp Mill in Georgetown on M Street
three albums for 9.99
Danny Ingram a drummer from DC Hardcore bands from the genesis of the DC scene was the punk guy with the dyed hair and leather jacket the register when as a seventh grader I made the purchase... I had ridden my bike downtown with the intention to buy these records
Danny was impressed but guided me away from LOW by Bowie... I refused his advice... but never really got to listen to that album...
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust may be a better album than Hunky Dory... but that is not what I bought. I listened to that album over and over again. It took my musical interests in various directions. The song Andy Warhol introduced the concept of this character who I had not really ever heard anything about before. Why would I had? I was a kid in seventh grade.
Nevermind the Bollocks.... it is on everyone's list... it is on mind for the same reasons

7.Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come
In this era of vinyl there was also home taping. Cassette tapes were a way of sharing music... this is the original peer to peer. My sister would have me dub records for her and her friends... I would also dub myself a copy. This was my first introduction to Reggae and Jamaican culture... it cracked me up that one song was repeated on both sides. PRESSURE DROP may have been my favorite tune on that album... that song was covered by The Clash
It was Jimmy Cliff on the turntable before Bob Marley for me
Reggae does not stop there but it is a good place to start

8. Quadrophenia: The original Soundtrack and The Who version.
I own over 30 albums by The Who... well... thirty albums if you include the albums as solo artists... and I even have THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON by Keith Moon. THE WHO In many ways they were one of my favorite bands... I have all three versions of Tommy. Unlike the Doors where I gravitated towards Morrison with the Who there was a choice. I was less concerned with Daultry than Townsend. We would by bootleg recordings at Choice Cuts and hear these clips of Townsend doing songs that you had only known to be sung by Daultry. Their music influenced me in many ways... the early Who and the R&B (The Rolling Stones 12 by 5) that stuff was the roots of rock and roll... I felt it was important to know the roots... The Who sang to adolescent boys... and not just Pictures of Lily... Quadrophenia still speaks to me now... I used to identify with the adolescent issues of Jimmy... now it is more the working class stiff... listen to Bell Boy for more on that

9. A collection of releases within the first 20 Dischord Records releases
Minor Threat being at the "core" of those
SOA had a special place with its own significance
Rites of Spring End on End is still heavy in my musical rotation
while Beefeater's Player's for Lovers was an album that I was the only one who both purchased and enjoyed
and Dag Nasty? Can I Say? personally I am a bigger fan of Wig out at Denkos but those albums also had heavy influence

10. The Smiths Hatful of Hallow made it okay to be public about the softer side of punk... the music that some would have called New Wave
sure I listened to Depeche Mode and the Cure but I never let anybody know that I liked it
The Smiths were cool enough that I did not mind letting people know that I thought they were cool

11. THE JAM every album by The Jam is powerful in the same way that every album by U2 has its merit and its strength... The Jam were a powerful appearance with some clever timing It was funny the mock MOD VERSUS ROCKER thing that went on with the DC Punk thing... there was a subset of the DC Punk Thing that was a small Mod Movement
I happened to be friends with some people in some bands who we loved to go see and loved to dance to
Mach Five and Modest Proposal were two of those bands The Jam has some powerful anthems and some messages of angst I followed the Jam onto The Style Council... but did not take things onto the modern Paul Weller stuff. The Jam without Paul Weller is not The Jam.

13. Black Flag DAMAGED This album sang to me This album sang for me
Headphones or a vacant parentless house were the only way I could get this album loud enough in my house
the sticker on the album that read AS A PARENT I FOUND THIS TO BE AN ANTI PARENT RECORD
well... I did not know who Tipper Gore was or who had that sticker put on there... but that was a good push to get me to take that album over to the register at Choice Cuts Records in downtown Bethesda... I did not regret it

14. The Specials THE SPECIALS This was the gateway band into SKA as a music form. That album alone is phenomenal The album cover was studied at great length as I listened to this album over and over again. Listening to the songs and the stories within the songs It was like some sort of folk music of a culture across the pond. From The Specials there were the travel to the cut out bin for The Selector or accept paining full price for something by The English Beat As much as I enjoyed Madness the wacky side of SKA was not my focus

15.Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

16. Bad Brains I AGAINST I
a cooler person would have said ROCK FOR LIGHT or maybe something else earlier in their career... I listened to their stuff earlier in my life... and knew their history... but as energized as I got by their other stuff it did not ignite me the way I AGAINST I did... I was also the only person to buy and enjoy HR's ITS ABOUT LOVE which was dub on one side and thrash on the other

17.Bryan Ferry BOYS AND GIRLS. Just an amazing album. Song for song. Great make out music... Great music to go to sleep to

18. Soundgarden LOUD LOVE

19. U2 ACTUNG BABY I had been a U2 fan pretty much from the beginning. I was turned onto U2 and REM by some kids at B-CC who were hip to all this stuff that was coming out on what may have been called "college radio"
I was not planning on going to college so I did not think I had to listen to that sort of stuff... U2 was on my radar... I dug it... but I was more immersed in other stuff War and Boy are both powerful albums but Actung Baby spoke to me when it came out

20. on another night I think five of these could have rotated with five other selections

that is enough now
I am tired of typing

there was a slight overlap with my sister's selections and there would be some overlap if my brother bothered to make a list
their tastes were influential in my tastes
I did think it was pretty cool that I got my sister the B-52s when I was in seventh or 8th grade which ever was 1980 because I bought her both records not knowing enough to know which was good
I could not justify buying it for myself
but I guiltlessly dubbed it
the use of the walkie talkie as an instrument still fascinates me

FACEBOOK and beer is as dangerous as BLOGGER and beer!