Laguna de Paron... Peru

it was a short tour...
a mini tour...

really nothing more than a ride to a destination
there was not much planning
nearly all the information that I found was inaccurate
my language skills did not help with the process

laguna de paron

the air was thin and cold
the water was certainly colder
had I known of the myth of the healing powers of the water I would have climbed in
not sure how I would have warmed up again... perhaps it is best that I did not

the ride to the lake was a long climb
the ride down was a scream

maybe I will glance at some pictures from the trip for a more detailed story

Fermin Sanchez... that was the name of the ranger at the station by the lake at the top

it was a short tour... yet the trip to Peru was a month long
bringing a bike had its hassles yet offered a variety of freedoms as well as an assortment of memories


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Where you fortunate enough to sample any of this with a local shaman?

gwadzilla said...

it is funny...

on the long steep fire road switchback climb I found myself dizzy

a long day of exertion
lack of food
poor fitness

there I was above the clouds staring across this valley at a 500 foot water fall

I got off the bike and took a break

I laughed to myself as the meaning of life entered my brain
then when I thought... I should write this down... it was all forgotten

no shaman needed...

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Not the same...trust me.