yard sale.. at my place in mount pleasant

had a yard sale today...
rainy day
tough day for a yard sale

made enough to make it to Target to get the Wii
although toy sales did not make any contribution to the sales
the contribution of the toys by the kids was vital

there had been the intention to have the boys run a Gatorade Stand
thought that they would enjoy the interaction and the money transaction
alas... the rain came... the rain was anticipated... yet the sky did not clear as early as i had anticipated
the day was gray with the threat of rain all afternoon
there was far less bicycle traffic going up and down the hill in front of my house

i had not advertised on Craig's List or in The Washington Post
my sales were dependent upon the dozen signs yard sales signs i printed on my computer and taped on light posts around the neighborhood

yard sale foot traffic was light... i figured it was due to the rain
after putting the unsold goods back in the house i got on my bike and rode around the neighborhood to pull the signs i had posted
the signs closest to my house all remained after the rain
then when i got closer to the main street in mount pleasant things were different
a block off the strip my first sign was missing but the strip of fluorescent tape remained
i removed the tape and went to the next light post only to find the same absence of sign and remaining strip of tape

this absence of sign and remaining tape was repeated at each location where i had hung a sign the day prior
i removed the tape from these locations and pondered things

clearly this was the action of the concerned citizen
the posting of bills in not legal
but if this person were so vigilant about the trash they should remove the tape
the action angered me
not so much because of lost business but because their action was without reason

postings for yard sales and lost dogs are communications of the community
these postings benefit the community

now... i am not the fly on the wall
it is true that i do not know who did this or their intentions
a little detective work points towards the concerned citizen

el baracho... unlikely that a over inebriated salvedorean would have been so consistent in removal of these signs
also... all the signs were removed in the same clean fashion... all sign removed... all tape remained

competing yard sale... we all know that the best place for a mc donald's is right next to a burger king
had another person been hosting a yard sale... they would know that more neighborhood yard sales bring more yard salers looping through
the signs are infectious to the yard saler... they drive through if they do not see a sign... they weave through if they see several signs

so... concerned citizen... you are my top suspect... honestly... there is more than likely trash on the ground being stepped over so that you can reach for my sign... is this your quest... your life's ambition... to battle the posted bill? look in the mirror... look to your heart... get off your soap box... erase your self righteous sense of self... know that your actions are not as pure or as productive as your think
you are just an asshole

i was anxious about the posting of the signs as i taped them around the neighborhood
as i am not such a big fan of the posted sign
as i posted my signs i saw other signs for community meetings and lost dogs

at election time it always frustrates me to see a canidate's face on every lamp post
knowing that win or lose they will not be picking up their signs
so... i hung things respectfully
i hung things in a predictable fashion so that i could loop through and then loop back to remove them

life in the city... so many people... so many personalities

just like the person who tore up the anti-erosion barriers in the woods...
i can respect your efforts as long as your heart is in the right place
but somehow i feel that these actions are tainted with bitterness
there is clearly the sign of malice
the main street of mount pleasant has some trash that could be picked up... but that trash was ignored... yet my signs were removed...
just as the anti-erosion barriers were torn up and things were not made better
the signs were removed without the full removal of the trash... just disruption of my efforts

i am pleased that i did not let my heart rate go up on this issue
now i need to let free the idea from my head

it was a good day... time well spent... the whole process was positive
the boys were part of the process of selecting toys to be sold and toys to be saved
they were not around for the yard sale... but there was not enough traffic to entertain them
i managed to stay entertained with my black dog brutus

my goods rested organized and priced under a pop tent on some tables... i sat on a camping chair with my dog
in the later part of the day the dog walker friend who had injured himself on the skateboard came over and we kept each other company
my black dog brutus has a great day sitting by my side with his nose in the wind
i watched his nose twitch as the scent of the season passed by
brutus was entertained as if he had opened a book that he could not put down

the company of the injured dog walker was also nice
he waited for a pizza while we shot the shit and chewed the fat
it was good for us to each to have company
it was good for us each to catch up
he bought a sweet guayebera and gave each of my boys a slice of pizza

after pulling the signs down off the lamp post i rode the two blocks from mount pleasant to the new target in columbia heights
went to best buy... then went to target
got the Wii sans service plan
one extra controler and no extra games

now we have a Wii... now dad has yet another electronic addiction

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Stephen said...

Ahhh! I don't know where you live but could you save some of the wheels? I will buy them from you...we want to use them for the WABA bike prom! Leave a comment here so I know if they are gone or not! Thank you!