I would like to know what the frame looks like...

by Tom Rowe

scroll down to see an image of Tom Rowe... nice beard!

prints for sale at the St Mary's Campus Store
I would like to know what the frame looks like before I throw down an extra hundred bucks

Tom Rowe was my drawing instructor at SMC
sadly... to my detriment... I was never much of a student
even in the classes I enjoyed there was not the proper preparation
there were moments when I shined
yet for the most part I was pretty dull

homework was not really part of my schedule
in fact... my schedule was not really part of my schedule
shamefully I slacked through college
I slacked before the term slacker entered our vernacular

held it together enough to pass my classes and maybe a little more
played varsity soccer for four years in the four and a half years of college
so... things were not so bad that I ever missed eligibility
while things were never really so good either

never learned the lessons of time management
was never much for preparing or planning ahead
there was a lot of hanging out... there were lots of distractions
there was lots of staying up late followed by sleeping late

papers were written the night before
tests involved a great deal of stress and all sorts of praying
if there was not an attendance policy I am not so sure I bothered to attend

Tom Rowe was a good man... I enjoyed his classes and I enjoyed him
he was a kind man who captured my attention and also my respect

I can not remember much other than that I enjoyed Tom Rowe...
I can recall his gentle kind tone and his bearded face that had no mustache
I remember objecting to the notion that we each drew a still life in an effort that without our names on the paper it would be hard to tell whose was whose
I recall Tom setting up a little still life area for me so that I could at least draw something different... something that I would enjoy drawing more than the center piece in the middle of the room
I can recall by the old admissions building there was a tree with berries.... Tom collected these berries and made a sepia tone ink that he would draw with
I remember being impressed that it was Tom Rowe that sponsored the SMC Lacrosse team to reach club status in roughly 1971... a few years before my college experience

I also recall meeting Tom Rowe's brother's grand daughter at Washington College
she told me that when Tom and her grand father would get together they would play music... Tom was not a musician so he contributed by playing the jug
those words created an interesting image in my mind
it was a image that could have been on The Andy Griffith Show... perhaps in a sepia tone

somehow my drawing portfolio ended up at my room mate's house in Syracuse New York
certainly they threw that stuff away long ago
lord knows I would have tossed it away many moves ago

I wonder if their are any prints left.. maybe they have gone on sale


Anonymous said...

at 41, I'm going to grad school in September. 19 years after graduating from SMCM. I spent at least 3 of my 4 years on a stool in the Green Door. I think Tom Rowe painted the back of my head :)

gazer said...

Ah, the green door.

Do they still have jug nights on Wednesdays (if my memory is still intact after a couple of those)?