the man with an Umbrealla as a helmet...

there are certain figures in the city that capture people's attention
when their day to day life involves a piece of performance art we often crack a smile

their actions fuel us with a smile
my guess... our smiles fuel them

I bet this man enjoys the attention
the looks... the stares... the pointing
the shout outs
and of course
the photographs

why the umbrella?
how did it start?
why did it stay?
will it continue?
why? why? why?

it intrigued me to have the revelation that I worked with this guy decades ago at Apple Courier
I knew him before the umbrella and all the years that went with it

he was younger
he had more teeth
and well
he was a little less eccentric

everyone has a story
there is more to this man's story than the umbrella
I do not know his story

but I do know that he is 49 years old and maintains a high level of fitness
not bike racer fitness
basic fitness
although riding the bike definitely contributes to this fitness

this randomly links my brain to The Legend of Featherhead
Gwadzilla Mention of FEATHERHEAD

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