control the car chaos

control the car chaos
then consider penalizing pedestrians and cyclists
but only after controlling the car chaos

when it is more safe for a pedestrian to cross in the crosswalk than crossing mid block
then you may consider issuing the jaywalking ticket
when a cyclist is safe standing stagnant on their bicycle waiting for the light to change
then you may consider issuing the cyclist a ticket for treating the stop sign or the red light as a yield sign
until then
allow the pedestrians and the cyclists to put themselves where they are most safe
control the car chaos
grant the pedestrian and cyclists their alleged "right of way"
do what needs to be done to make the streets more safe

create order with the cars... then let the pedestrians and cyclists fall into line
until then... pedestrians and cyclists are just running with the bulls
acting how they must to not only get themselves where they are going quick and efficiently
but also safely

as a pedestrian or as a cyclist I work to put myself where I am most safe
I am dependent on the car doing certain things
I have come to expect certain things of the cars around me
it is not a matter of expecting the unexpected
it is more of a matter of assuming a sloppy driving style

people drive it sloppy
the play it a little loose

people as a whole are either ignorant or assholes
there behavior can be predicted

if only car drivers would attempt the CAR COMMUTER CHALLENGE
then maybe they would understand the ineffectiveness of their sloppy driving styles
dangers are increased while driving time is hardly decreased

seldom do car drivers make complete stops at the stop line
car drivers tend to roll past the stop line
most of them never making a complete stop
cars accelerate well beyond the speed limit only to rush to the next bumper to wait in the queue
there is not flow... yet there is a high risk of danger
stopping distance and reaction time is decreased while focus is reduced
so... to penalize a pedestrian or cyclist who is doing something similar but with a greater objective
(that objective is to get out of the way and to arrive alive)
well... it is absurd to penalize the pedestrian or cyclist until there is order among the cars


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