DCMTB is starting to talk about cyclocross... I missed the meeting tonight

DCMTB is starting to talk about cyclocross...
I missed the meeting tonight
there is much to do for DCMTB to host DCCX
in addition to DCCX there are also the cross clincs at Fort Reno to organize

some of Joe Foley's photographs from the 2009 DCCX

cyclocross is a sports photographers dream
in this case the colors in the background
in another case the adversity of the weather
then of course the action on the bikes
it all offers for multiple photo opportunities

the intensity of the effort of the racers is visible on their faces
the course allows for the camera to get right in on the racers
sure... I like to frame the whole bike and the whole racer

but the drama is in the face
some people take their camera to a spot where the course asks the racers to dig deep
there can be some anguished faces to be photoed there

compare the Tour versus a cyclocross
in le Tour if you are not on the motorcycle then you get one pass of the peleton and you are done

while at a cyclocross race the photographer can traverse the course and get multiple vantage points of the
same racers on different laps
it is really fun for the photographer
throw in the yellow leaves in the background
as racers sprint down a well worn brick sidewalk

I took a lot of photos... too many photos at DCCX
gwadzilla mentions cyclocross

searching the GWADZILLA PAGE FOR BRICK brings up a great set of random links
well worth a look... a great photo of Jason Farrell doing a gainer off the cliffs below Great Falls
images and words well worth a glance
an image of my brother racing on the brick sidewalk at DCCX with the orange and yellow leaves in the background

and of course
Joe Foley Photography mentioned on the Gwadzilla Page

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Meredith said...

Sol is helping me build my CX bike. And I'm already in thinking/talking/training mode for this season. I look forward to the clinics but I'll be in Guatemala during at least 1 of them.

Any tips on training? I'm looking forward to INTERVALs!