a lesson in patience...

a lesson in patience...

my black dog brutus is getting old
it has been a number of years since his brother roscoe died

the once lean and muscular mix breed who ran like the wind is now slowed to a crawl
brutus is getting old
roscoe did not age and die this way... roscoe died pretty much in his prime
brutus is still hanging on... but definitely fading fast

brutus started his decline this winter past
there was a transition
brutus went from running wild in any direction he chose to marching on the path behind me
deviating from the path only to pee and poo
chasing squirrels, chipmunks, and homeless people is a pleasure that ended with the passing of his brother roscoe

this winter past Brutus joined me on a number of my cross country ski adventures
that would not be an option now
because of the heat and because of his hips
now Brutus takes short walks in the woods... maybe the distance of a city block
it is not uncommon for me to have to carry him back
his back legs fail him and he just sits


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