good customer service.

I just got off the phone with NORTH FACE
North Face is going to repair the tear in my older son's winter jacket at no charge!

that is awesome
that is sweet

give a little
get a lot

I am shopping for a new winter jacket
this effort by North Face to stand behind their product puts them at the top of my list in my search for a new jacket

thanks North Face
The North Face

that image is from The Washington Post in 1985
SNOW DAY! sledding at Battery Kimble Park
that image was on the front cover of The Post the following day
I am the one in the front of the toboggan


Grant said...

I have to add that BLACKHAWK, Camelbak,LLBean,Cabela's, Gander Mountain all have awesome customer service. Fix/Repair/Replace. Also, shipping products to remote locations to correct my mistakes in ordering at no addition charge....

Grant said...

I have to add that Cabela's, LLBean, Blackhawk, Camelbak, all have great customer service department. I will always shop here first.