I don't have daughters... I have sons... I get it... it is the fashion of the times... but... but... BUTT

it is curious... this trend of words on the shorts
usually on the butt...
seen here on the... well, front of the shorts
what is she trying to say?

What is PINK?
no need to answer that... I know what is pink

here is a video where a young woman put less implied messages and more literal images on her shorts

it amuses me to see moms with their teenage daughters in the grocery store or the mall
okay... I do not go to the mall... but I wanted a longer sentence
so... mom is pushing the cart and the daughter is dragging her feet walking by her side

flesh is showing... there are these words 
messages implying some sort of sexuality 
and well... I am human... I am man... so I look
then mom gives me that stare

mom is judging me?
I guess I can easily flip the coin and judge her
I know it is the fashion of the time... but if I were a dad... I am not sure if I would want my daughter dressing like this
sure... I would want my daughter to be attractive and perceived as such
but some of this mainstream fashion looks more like streetwalker apparel than workout gear

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George Carlisle said...

nice to run into you on beach drive today...ride on!