not always as planned... this was not so well planned... but thought it would get better reviews

look at that kid
look at that smile
look how small he is
this photo is old

last week I was not watching the clock
time slipped away
I had to get young Grant from camp
but had lost track of the time

there was not enough time to ride my bicycle home from work and get the car
so... I pedaled straight to pick up from camp
which seemed to make sense
since I was also picking up Dean who was at a friend's house just down the block from where I was supposed to pick up Grant

well...  as I was riding from work to the pick up point I got a text from Lisa saying Dean had ridden home
then when I arrived at to get Grant I recalled that Grant would have an excess of gear due to the fact the night prior was the sleep over


Grant was less than excited
I offered for him to hang at a friend's while I rode home to get the car
Grant would not have it
Grant marched forward with a pack the size of himself

in a short time I gave him my bike so he could coast down hill

my notion of walking home through the Zoo did not get the reception I was looking for
Grant was giving me the silent treatment
my "cool" idea to mix it up
my less than thought out impromptu idea backfired

I enjoyed it... even if I got some attitude
what did we miss?
a few minutes of screen time?
no... we did not slow or stall for any of the animals
we just marched on through

I tried to sweeten the deal by getting Grant a Gatorade
but the Green Apple matched his sour mood
and well
he was not in the mood to be bought

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