watched the Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC again... owning the DVD allows such things...

Minor Threat photo by Glen Friedman

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC

it is an interesting story

a story that I witnessed first hand
not center stage... not on the stage at all... unless I was trying to do a stage dive
but on the peripheral and from in the crowd
I did not witness it all... but I did see so much of it unfold

the genesis of the DC Hardcore scene had its original members
there may have been as many as 40 people
with a dozen or more key players
Dischord itself seemed like a record company releasing albums recorded by the same 20 people as they migrated from band to band
this movie touches on exactly that

I enjoyed the film and its effort to tell the story somewhat objectively
Scott Crawford was there
just as with many of us... he had his favorite bands and he existed within a certain camp
the city had many camps
and different age groups had different experiences as they moved in different waves

Teen Idles and the first Dischord releases were the first wave
I experienced that wave just a minute after it happened
I had the 7 inch record releases
that music was important to me... but I was not there
I did not experience

being younger... I experienced things a little later
growing up in Bethesda rather than Georgetown had me running in different circles
but there was plenty of overflow
lots of rock and lots of roll at B-CC

more on this later
see this movie
I bought it if you want to borrow it

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