Misunderstanding of the Laws and Ticketing
Parking in front of a Fire Hydrant should not be done. Yet... this is done each and every night in the city. The skoff-laws that park in front of the hydrant are playing the odds... but mistakenly they are playing the odds in a very selfish direction. The illegal parkers are weighing the scales not for the odds of a fire, but for the odds of an officer or a meter maid giving them a ticket. This is just one of the many examples of the self centeredness of the car driver today, misunderstanding that the risk is a ticket and not something greater.

Speeding Tickets fall under a similar fools logic. Car drivers slow in certain areas knowing that officer friendly may be tucked in the bushes with his radar gun waiting and wanting.... so the driver slows down not to get a ticket. Well, the driver should slow down to avoid an accident... to avoid injury... avoid injury not just to themselves but to others.

People are Idiots! (and assholes!)
Seatbelt laws and motorcycle helmet laws are created because people are too ignorant to exhibit common sense. Honestly, I am against such totalitarian laws... but... I feel that people need to be protected from themselves so I do not argue such things. All these basic laws are created to set order in our chaotic world, to keep people in check, to keep people from infringing upon the rights and safety of others.

The self centered nature of people can be seen in their daily car driving commuting habits. The car drivers are able to memorize each and every pot hole on their route. The car drivers know in advanced where each speeding trap exists, where each red light camera is set, and where each parked police car can be ignored as it is occupied by a manaquine rather than a living being. Yet, somehow these same drivers are unable to recognize and anticipate the cross walks and bike paths that exist on their daily commutes.

Each day as I go to work I vary my route. Often I will take the Bike paths in an effort to go "car free." In these car free travels there are a few points where the Bike Path crosses the road. Most often the cars are lined up in the "queue." Nearly each time as I approach the line of cars there is some jackoff with his finger up his nose completely oblivious to their blocking the path. The path is marked. The path was their the day prior. Yet when they see the bicycle headed their way they look over in shock like a meteor is headed from the sky. How can these people be so blind to the world around them. How can they not figure that they can stop 5 feet back, leaving the path clear, then going forward once they have enough space to go beyond the box? What bewilders me the most.... is to see these actions from people with roof racks on their cars... even if they are just "weekend warriors" they should be able to anticipate and expect that there will be some runner, walker, dog walker, roller bladder, or bicyclist traffic moving on these paths. Yet.... the box is blocked each am

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