the ROAD ID is a super cool product
ROAD ID carries that athletic fashion that is a combination of a Timex IronMan watch and a LIVESTRONG or LIVEWRONG bracelet
just as a HARDEN THE F_CK UP bracelet can act to inspire
the ROAD ID can also give an individual that little bit of added inspiration

in the world of kids there are trends in bracelets
the SILLY BANDS were a passing fad that was big enough to make someone millions and annoy the crap out of parents
the searching for "rare" varieties and then the somewhat distracting collection of rubber bands clustered on the young children's forearms

I think that the teachers may have instituted a SILLY BAND BAN at the beginning of the school year

it is my feeling that the ROAD ID is not only a valuable piece of athletic wear for the adult runner or cyclist
but also for the active child
in fact... it may make sense for ROAD ID to make a less expensive JUNIOR model!

there is that never ending list of WHAT IFS
there is a long list of WORST CASE SCENARIOS
although it is uncommon for children to be out of sight of their parents in this day and age
kids do have activities... play dates... summer camp... field trips... and sporting events where the parents may not be present
something could happen
there could be the NEED for the parent to be contacted
a ROAD ID bracelet could simplify the process of contacting the parents

my kids have enough trouble recalling their home phone number without a bump on their head
if there were a situation of WORST CASE SCENARIO... well... I would like to be contacted ASAP
I would want to be there to assist where I can
even if it were just to make sure that everything is okay
even if it were just to be by my child's side as they were getting the medical attention that they need

my kids totally dig their ROAD ID bracelets
I put vital information on the wrist band... home address... home phone along with mom and dad's cell numbers
then also a message to BE SAFE-BE SMART
and then a nick name along with their name
Dean got "THE GECKO" while Grant requested that I have it read "GRANT ROCKS"
whatever gets them to wear these so that they have this information with them... just in case
we hope that they never NEED them
but... it is an added level of comfort knowing that this information is there

as for me...
I am active
I ride alone most of the time
much of my riding is in urban traffic
the ROAD ID gives me an additional piece of mind

that if I am in that WORST CASE SCENARIO... well... my wife could be contacted
if taken to the hospital my family could be contacted and I could get the treatment I need
rather than being treated like a JOHN DOE
I have been treated like a BICYCLIST JOHN DOE before... it is not a good place to be


I totally dig it... it is one of those things that cyclists or runners wear

so that when we are in civilian gear we are reminded that we are athletes
on or off the bike it is a nice accessory... tasteful enough to be worn 24-7

then on the FUNCTION SIDE... I hope that there is never a time where either me or any of my family members NEED to use the information on the ROAD ID
but there is some sort of relief knowing that this information is there

when I made my ROAD ID purchase I was given a coupon code to share

that information is below

Coupon Number: ThanksJoel4201911

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 03/27/2011. To order, simply go to RoadID.com or click the link below:


when I ordered the ROAD ID bracelets I could not help but order a few other items from the ROAD ID STORE
the FIREFLY blinking lights are AWESOME
part of being safe is being seen
the BLINKING LIGHTS and the REFLECTIVE SHOE LACES could be the factor that keeps the runner or the cyclist from needing the ROAD ID information so that family is contacted because that athlete is in the hospital

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