like a lift ticket on my ski jacket

like a lift ticket on my ski jacket
these little markers remain

I could take them off
I should take them off
I will take them off... but for now I am leaving them on

little things like this give me insight into a child's mind
as I am certain that my boys will not want to take their lift tickets off their ski jackets
and me as a father... I will have to leave them on for a while to allow them to have that joy of reminiscence as well as the conversation piece and the bragging rights
rather than imposing the strictness that rules my brain

no one will ask me about my zip ties...
so I will tell you here

these multi-colored zip ties were each issued as points at the Liberty Jamboree that I attended last weekend

Jonathan of The Family Bike Shop has his tale of the tape and the scent of the yellow jersey to go with it

one shot on Bike Centric...
nothing yet from Wrenching in the Gears
nor anything from the Single Speed Outlaw


riderx said...

Yeah, I'm a slacker. It's coming!

Warren T said...

I understand the zip tie thing. I still have the plastic wrist band things used to show you belonged at cub scout camp; they are sitting in my top desk drawer at work. Every now and then I see them and just smile to myself for a moment.