Rants on Cycling and on Life


typing to you from Pittsburgh PA
home of Dirt Rag magazine
home of Primanti's sandwiches
and of course home of everything Gold and Black
flash back to the "terrible towel" if you must
(Steelers, Penguins, Pirates... check if that is too obscure)

no time to blog lately
work and life have been taking up all the hours of my day
a stock pile of images are stacking up untitled and unorganized on my hard drive
while in Pittsburgh I hope to take the camera out and snap a few shots of the cycling culture here
not far north from Washington DC
yet Pittsburgh has a much more wintery winter

wish me luck
time to dress the kids
we are off to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum


hot off the presses....
the sound of the keyboard is still carrying through the air....
check out capitalbikesmike
two posts
this could be the beginning of something
then again...
maybe not
as the blog is not for everyone
many people have started blogs
but not everyone getting bitten by the blog bug

in case you can not tell.... I am infected