fort knox five

was hanging with my friend rob the other day
we hiked the dog
we chatted
we caught up
we moved all sorts of baby furniture
as I no longer have a baby
he is about to have a baby
well... his wife vida is pregnant and due this winter
rob is one of the five of fort knox five

on the drive I had the pleasure of listening to some of the high energy tracks on the soon to be released CD by FORT KNOX FIVE

fort knox five
fort knox five at myspace

give a listen to the tracks at myspace

rob also plays sitar with Theivery Corp as well as guitar in a few other projects


vida said...

Thank you again for the furniture Joel!!! (And Lisa!) And for the arduous task of moving it (and even worse, squeezing into our bread box car!). I can't wait to start storing the baby on one of the shelves, like a handy book.

Peter said...

So, Vida and my S.O. Elin have been friends for an eternity. Small world.

Peter -
knower of vida

gwadzilla said...

that is a small world
dc is a small town
very Mayberry
the more you leave the house
the more you interact with others
smaller the world becomes

I wonder if I have ever met your SO


gwadzilla said...


Peter said...


Spose I should leave the house more often.

Elin is hard to miss - tall, occasionally blonde haired.

Sometimes other color hair, depending on her mood.

Im sure we'll meet at somepoint. Im new, well, 2 years new.


gwadzilla said...

you type quite well for two

Anonymous said...

yes, apparently DC is so small that you can post a comment about a guy's band, mention his wife, and then all the poss/comments are about her!

man, that hurts!! ; )

(one of the fort knox five...)