Rants on Cycling and on Life


brothers on the bike
we are all brothers on the bike
the other day as I did a lunch time stroll with my camera slung around my neck like an asian tourist I ran across a few messengers hanging in front of a Starbucks
I gave them a little introduction
told them my basic deal
asked if I could take a photo
a few images were shot as we "shot the shit"

during our little exchange I looked at their bikes and looked at their gear

when checking out one of the messenger's Surly I noticed an image on one of his "spoke cards"
I recognized the face
the rider was familiar to me
at closer glance a mystery was revealed to me
I knew who Rico is
I knew who this messenger is who suffered the head trama that put him in a coma

Rico and I were not friends
we were not enemies
he is just a guy that I see around town
we live in the same neighborhood
we both ride bikes
I have noticed him... perhaps he has noticed me

although I have never spoken to Rico I have spoken to his brother
many years ago my now wife then girlfriend lived in an apartment next door to Rico's brother
it gave me chills
knowing who Rico is
knowing Rico's brother made the reality of his injury that much more real

Rico and I are brother's on the bike
my heart goes out to Rico
hope he is healing up
hope he heals up to one hundred percent
I hope that Rico's brother Mario is by his side helping him stay strong through this tough time

a bike with character
a character with a bike


rico out of a coma and starting to recover
not sure of the specifics
but being out of a coma is better than being in a coma wrote this


those images are really too small to appreciate
you may want to open them in a new window

I like to RIGHT CLICK and scroll down to OPEN IN NEW WINDOW
that give a larger version
sometimes you can magnify it one step greater from there
simply by rolling the mouse over the image
if you see a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it
then click
it will then open again with greater magnification

hope that helps
I do think the shots are worth studying

those images remind me of so many sequence shots of skateboarders I used to see in Thrasher Magazine in my teens