Rants on Cycling and on Life


Bob Fuller is myfriend at myspace

Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park

ray's indoor mountain bike park
a mountain biker's field of dreams

not my style
not my scene
I still need to go check it our one day


what is this?

stole this of her myspace page

buzzlife productions... fever

the technology is cool

buzzlife productions podcast

a little known fact
I used to love to go out and dance
yes, clydesdales are allowed to dance
we just demand more room

I was no regular at BUZZ or FEVER
in the early days with map points and underground warehouses I went to parties in San Francisco and Denver

turned 25 at a party in the fashion district in SF
that was nearly a decade and a half ago

I prefer listening to music than looking at the tube when I blog
yet often I get sucked into starting a show and not watching it
music is far more productive background noise
unless I want to sleep

it is old
but some am I

not sure but bryn corrected me last time...

I think it is marcia, marcia, marcia
I could be wrong again
I have been wrong again
I will be wrong again


I do not know kevin
yet it is odd for me to see him on black trek
for years I had seen him on an aqua cannondale

well, I know kevin from the several times I have taken his picture
we share mutual friends
he seems like a very nice fellow
it appears that he is comfortable in his skin


this is a pretty basic concept...

I walked to school as a child
rode my bike to grade school until we got busted
as the school prohibited students from riding to school

then in high school there was more walking than riding
but the bike did happen
even if the bicycle had a nerdy stigma to it

the thought that kids should have a safe route to school either on foot or on bike is a pretty basic concept
things are so F-cked up right now
there need to be programs to give people their basic rights


things that are common sense are not common sense to most people
as most people are idiots or assholes
so... there have to be these organizations and all sorts of laws

there are programs all over the country

REBAR: Parking Space Urban Park

cuz were messengers... that's how we roll

a man and his horse...

he is a messenger
that's how he rolls

manna... manna reception
manna creates affordable housing in the district for those who may not have been able to afford to own their own house otherwise

last night lisa and I got a sitter and attended a silent auction for manna
an excuse to get out of the house
an excuse to get out and mingle with some people from around town
an excuse to bid on things we may not need and may not want all for a good cause

this evening was moderately metaphorical for us
as thursday was the last day for our younger son's baby sitter/nanny
she is moving with her family to Austin Texas
the reason she is moving to Texas... because she can afford a house there
she feels that her children did not grow up in their own house
but she wants to offer a different opportunity for her grandchildren

it is a tad inconvenient that we are losing a babysitter
but... that is not the point
as dynamics change... and maybe it is time for Grant to start in a social daycare situation
our loss is not the true loss
the loss is to the community

a family is leaving a place that they called home for over two decades so that they can buy a home somewhere else
members of a community are leaving all their friends to be strangers elsewhere, because they want to own a home
that is the tradgedy

this family was not introduced to me as someone filling out an application to work for us
these were my neighbors when we live at a different address in the same neighborhood
it was our friendship that grew into a business relationship
we were friends for years before this woman worked for us
her working for us brought her into our house and into our family
we will miss her
hopefully the family settles in nicely in Texas
it is a bold move
DC has outprice so many families
their situation is not entirely unique

I wish them luck
I hope that organizations like Manna continue to do work that makes it possible for people to stay in a place that they call home
rather than moving some place else because they can afford it

(that said... I grew up in Bethesda.... just because I grew up there does not mean I have some sort of right to live there... that is our capitalistic system... that is growth... that is change... it is not gentrification.... it is just growth)

lets talk about the weather

lets talk about the weather....

it may rain...

rain is good for cross
tomorrow should be cold and wet
not sure if I am racing

lost momentum on this cross thing

too much kid and family stuff going on

tomorrow I am shooting for a repeat of last saturday

last saturday included an assortment of adults with their children in my backyard

we bought beer for the adults and bales of hay for the kids

I threw straw/hay at the children for several hours

if it rains today on the hay
then there will be no fun throwing hay around
just a nasty clean up effort

headed out back to rake the four bales of hay together and put a tarp on things
four bales
that is a lot of hay! has been wrong before in their predictions

yes, this will effect the MONSTER MASH MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE at Wakefield Park
raining light now
call before you show up

bbq tat not in view... but has been posted before

I wonder what people see when they see me with a camera pointed their way
this is with my cheap point and shoot
so there is less thought of a photographer taking their picture

does he recall my taking some shots of him some months back?

does he recognize me?

did he ever see his shots on my page?

smart cat with radical bicycle ideas

these guys would do well to blog
they are young and living life
full of energy and ideas
guess they are too busy living to be blogging

makes his day... makes my day...

here is that image from the other afternoon
when the cyclist recognized me from my actions

already seen him three times since

dc is a small town

meet someone you have never seen before
then trip over them again and again

rode home with this guy to his neighborhood of Columbia Heights
Mount Pleasant has character and is a tad fringe
Columbia Heights still has a bit more urban flare than I care to experience as an adult and a father
in my youth I did not mind the risks or the aggression
I have more important things to worry about

image issues on blogger... no bulletins on myspace

having image issues on blogger
no bulletins on myspace

I hate when the technology stutters

like trying to frame a house with bent nails

cargo mike and his....

cargo mike and his cargo bike
he answers to coach
he answers to mike
he rides a single speed in the woods with finesse and speed


toys? for me or for the kids?

having kids is great
it justifies some of my spending

I love toys
never before could I justify buying a strobe light
with kids
I now own two

just bought some rocket balloons

that should keep me entertained for a few!



this was shared with me from someone I met from D Dot


I need to dig more deeply into this
as I was told that there were numerous PSAs with a dry tone but an effective message

bikes on the sidewalk

bikes belong

bikes do not belong on the sidewalk
bikes belong on the street

there is this major plan to widen all these sidewalks at a commerce district where Columbia Heights blends into Mount Pleasant around the 14th Street between Park and Columbia Road

widen the sidewalk
narrow the street
this will only increase sidewalk bike traffic
put a bike lane down
give the bicycles a place to ride

no brainer

had the bicycle been involved in the study
or at least the conversation
maybe they would have figured this out

I think that they were more concerned with other things

I frequent the hot dog stand myself

bike racks

an article on bike racks in the missourian

adams morgan is going through a similar bike rack shortage issue with the current removal of the standard parking meters
with the credit card accepting box that servers 20 or so spaces

that issues should be resolved easily enough

THE REEF in Adams Morgan will buy the second beer for people who use their bike to get to the bar on Wednesdays
the offer is rumored to only exist on the rooftop bar
show your lock key or helmet to claim that second beer

bikes do not seem to be part of the picture

went to a meeting tonight for some discussion about the development and planning of my neighborhood and the adjoining urban neighborhood

the meeting was just a few blocks away in an old church basement

it was an interesting gathering

got to see the vision of the future as displayed by some archetect or engineer
there were all sorts of fancy sketches and even a power point presentation
he used the term "ornamental trees" roughly 54 times
the term bicycle was not used once
yes... the term bike was used ambiguously in a vague sentence

there was a discussion where people played some show and tell and spoke out on the one issue that effects them directly
perhaps I should have spoken up or maybe out
not sure what gets things done
so I stayed seated

after more talking there was an "open house" which allowed for some mixing and mingling and some personal one on one
I followed along with the director of WABA and looked at some maps and some pictures
we talked with some of the planners about what was being designed and planned

there was some consideration to the bikes on the north-south route of 14th Street
but there was no measure of the bike routes/bike lane creation on the East-West routes
the people I was speaking to were referring me to the Director of WABA and the DOT folks
they got paid big bucks to do studies and draw up some designs
and well
they did all this consideration for pedestrian traffic
but it appears that they did not factor in the bicycle
the roads are being thinned
the roads are already aggressive and dangerous enough for the heavy bicycle traffic
thinning the roads would make the bicycle a greater obstruction to traffic
making cycling less safe
making the bicyclist have no choice but to block traffic behind them
pissing off the car traffic
making things more dangerous for cyclists

the vision of the future did not include a better more safe world for everyone
things will be worse and less safe for the cyclist

only if the make the traffic move at 25MPH will things be more safe for the cyclist
but certainly
the cars will flow as fast as they can flow
which will be 35-45MPH

unless raised crosswalks as speed humps or some other sort of traffic calming efforts are put into place
of course
there was no discussion of any of this
this guy was too busy talking about ornamental trees

not cherry blossoms
not oaks
not a breed of tree that boasts long life or fast growth
there was no talk of anything other than these trees being ornamental

it was a good meeting
I should have spoken up

shane fueling up at the burrito stand on K and 17th

which brady lost the plans on his messenger gig?

Punk's Not Dead... it just smells that way

Punks Not Dead
another documentary

best to get the oral history now
while it is still fresh in their heads

oriental trading company

oriental trading company
I love this stuff!

voice of a soldier

a letter from Kevin Tillman brother to former NFL athlete Pat Tillman
sports illustrated
mercury news

try to find the whole letter
try to read the whole letter

try to listen to the words
try to change the future

get out and vote

TIME Pedal Recall



dove evolution

Dove Evolution film on YOUTUBE

women (and men) should feel comfortable about fitting in there somewhere between Heidi Klum and Jabba the Hutt

too many woman are comfortable tilting the scales towards Jabba the Hutt

as a bald man...
I will tell ya
we deal with our own shit as well

or at least I can deal with it

glenn feron the art of retouching

still hanging out at 1050 Conn.


makes my day...

still have not gotten to the image of the commuter who reads my blog
located the image
digging my way down to that image

there are so many images that need to pieced together
these images below are from last week
the weather is much colder than it was on these days
which has the cyclists exposing less flesh

more images to come
more images on the camera

more words too
where will I find the time
I need to go to sleep

today's day was made by some Krispy Kremes and some Koffee for the office
being the martyr that I am
I threw myself on the grenade
eating two donuts
to aid in preventing someone else from ingesting more empty calories that they do not need

would have liked to gotten some still/portrait type shots

part of the process is a social interaction
I get to meet cyclists and interact with them

even if the cyclist turns me away and denies me the pleasure of taking their photograph
I have had the chance to hear their voice and make eye contact
which add up to be an additional piece of the puzzle of who is on the bike

from here this woman seems slick and cool
a little attitude
a little euro flavor
some style
some class

but maybe after making eye contact and hearing her voice I could learn that my filling in the blank is way off
no euro
no attitude
maybe friendly and kind
maybe a southern belle
rather than a french maid

who knows?

painted lanes not just painted lines

would it be more effective if the bike lanes were painted a different color than the rest of the road?

a little use of negative space
as in positive and negative space
instead of painting the lines and the cyclist stencil
invert the equation
have the whole lane a different color
with a cut out of the cyclist the color of the road in "negative space"

if it is found that this causes the car traffic to respect the bike lanes to a higher level
perhaps that is how bike lanes need to be painted

there is also the "share lane"

I think that Washington DC needs to have more bike lanes and some of these share lanes
I fear that the car driver will offer that common arrogance

there is a bike path....
take the bike path and get off the street
there is a bike lane
use the bike lane

if there were more bike paths I think a number of people would go longer to go off the street
there are so few bike paths
that I think that bike lanes are the next best thing

then again I am all for closing off certain roads to traffic
maybe during rush hour close off certain roads to car traffic
the bikes would have to stop for traffic at cross streets
but these closed to car roads during rush hour would funnel the bike traffic away from cars
again offering the potential anger
of why is this bicycle in my way
they should be on the road closed to traffic

in the end
it needs to be taugh
bikes belong
it is that simple
roads were build for transport
not for cars
bikes belong
bikes have a right to the street
let the education begin

16th Street

circled this cyclist rather than approaching him


it is tough for me to motivate myself
anyone who knows me that slacking is my nature

like the thought of "training"
it is not that I am against the idea
sure I claim that gentlemen do not practice
but it is really all a matter of laziness

so it can get tough at home
as I often have to try to motivate my wife or children
tonight lisa was hesitant to go to yoga
it did not take much of a push
but she needed a push
the push got her to yoga

the boys were in a mood
the wind was blowing
the season is turning cold
but I wanted to go outside
dean reminded me that I had already walked the dog

finally after some magical form of reason I had the boys agreeing to going outside
the shoes and jackets were on
hats were not vital and not going to happen
but petzel headbands were definitely part of the adventure
only one problem
grant agreed to go out front
dean agreed to go out back

there was stomping of feet
there was some crying
the usual complaints and whines
I can be a little emotional at times

the hike was short
involving several races and only a little carrying
an impressive little hike in the urban woods out our back alley
the woods could be so beautiful with only a little attention and a little resource
some fertile soil and some indigenous plants
maybe a yellow anerobic singletrack path
a little yellow brick road to help people to stay on track
the path is way to wide and it is already orangish brown and so hard packed no seed will ever grow there
it would take a jackhammer to motivate something to grow in some stretches of the woods of Rock Creek Park

1050 Conn.

the big lynskey

lynskey performance
from the family that brought you Lite Speed

another reason to go Mom and Pop

Starbucks Manager gets relocated for arriving late to manager's meeting on bicycle... Bike Portland

find a non-Starbucks coffee option in your "hood"

shocking and sad....

healthy streets

Roadside Memorial Video

(a must see... a must share)

this short Public Service Announcement is short and to the point
the casting and the direction are dead on

the use of a jogger instead of a cyclist is a good move
too many car drivers feel like the cyclist is in the wrong
in the wrong for choosing to be on a bike rather than in a car
when I hear people talk about a cyclist's death there is always the mention that they must have been doing something wrong... like running a red light

or perhaps actually...
even if a cyclist runs a red light
if the car driver is speeding... then the car driver is also in the wrong
if the car driver is going one mile over the speed limit they too have contributed to the accident
if they are going ten miles over the speed limit... they not only contributed to the accident
the car driver caused the fatality

the accident may have happened with the cyclist running the red light
the level of injury could be different if the car driver were not speeding
the car culture needs to see this
the drivers need to slow down
especially in residential areas

slower speeds=less fatalities

in the case of a speeding car and a bicyclist running a stop sign
it is contributory neglect
both parties are at fault
should the car driver walk away guiltlessly from the scene?
no... they need to realize that their actions contributed to the death of another
but... the speed needs to be measured
as reckless driving is a greater crime than running a stop sign on a bicycle
and going over 10 MPH over the speed limit in a 25MPH Zone is going a size-able percentage over the limit'
which constitutes reckless driving from where I stand/drive/or ride

cars need to slow down
drivers need to exist in the moment
focus on the task at hand
be alert to the variables around them

the cell phones
the blackberrys
text messaging
it needs to stop

if your call is vital... make your point and get off the phone
if the call is vital and more than a 10 second exchange... get off the road and complete your discussion

when people are jabbering on the phone while driving...
they are not saying anything
they are killing time
while risking killing people
they are not really there in the moment
not in the car
not in the converstation
they need to be there in the moment
there is too much at stake

we need to put the human element on the bicyclist
the car driver needs to see that the person on the bike is just like them
a husband or a wife
a mother or a father
a friend
an employee
a person who is on a bike
not an obstacle in the road

off my soap box... for now

and parents...
how you drive now is the example of how your children will drive later
only worse...
as the children always push the limits of what is permissable
if the parent uses a few cuss words the child will more than likely feel that such language is acceptable and use profanity more
if the parent drives like an obnoxious asshole... well... their child may very well talk on the cell phone at their driver's education test
which may not be a problem as the instructor may not see it as wrong while they text message a friend


zombie walk

dc zombie walk

that image is from boston

also in dc
the High Heel Races
which are tomorrow
definitely a night with some great energy
but I am not sure I have the energy for it

looking good at 53

healthy streets


Healthy Streets

princess leia?

long time since a post of cargo mike with his cargo bike

the photos are everywhere
working with different cameras and multiple cards
various hard drives
images are named with illogical conventions
things are hard to find

need to sort this stuff out

took some shots a few days ago
can not find them now

time to start to purge some of the archives



one of the good things about myspace
a free introduction to music

it is funky and it is cool

and I am not just saying this because I know these folks

thunderball on esl
also check out FORT KNOX FIVE

dc always contributing
dc contributing on levels that some people do not even realize

Road Side Memorials

drive with care


my friend gibby sent me this from cali
he stole it from the clever chimp

who stole it himself

some time ago I got an email
one of those emails
it does not matter what the words are
it reads the same... post this on your blog
this person sent me some info on their business of this same sort
we had a very friendly back and forth on capitalizing on such a thing
not that I had issue
as everything costs money

bibles cost money
9-11 magnets cost money
I want to invent something that everyone wants that costs money

another shot of "the executive"

"the executive"
she calls her bike the executive
it is cool for someone to see that a bicycle has personality

bicycles are organic

I hate to hear this stuff...

I hate to hear this stuff...

Bike lane opponents win city hall fight

what these people fail to realize is that their design of the street is not supposed to benefit them
the design of the street is supposed to benefit all and the future
not just the selfish concerns of now

if people are trying to get to work on time they should leave the house 10 minutes earlier instead of shooting through residential neighborhoods with no cocept of the risks

I am not sure... but the flowers look like they may always be in the basket



I have know this guy forever
he is a super good dude
anyone who knows him would say the same


saw american hardcore with micro on friday
went for a ride with micro on sunday
been months since I have seen micro

skate the crest
gwadzilla cedar crest collage

took a whole mess of photos on this SD card
getting an I/O Error
was able to work around it
some very basic trouble shooting
not positive I am getting all my images
not liking having to jump through extra hoops
need to resolve this
maybe toss that card

as it is a nightmare to think that there are a stack of images waiting to be view
yet all the images are permanently locked down or lost