Rants on Cycling and on Life


got to fight depression
not riding really has me bummed out
and honestly... this is just the first mile of a very long race

on the bright side of things I feel really good about my surgeon and my physical therapist

on that note
tv and pt may be a better option than blogging

so much to read about
bicycles and bicycle blogs are streaming by me

a good example of a time when I need to slow things down and move at a child's pace is dinner time
tonight lisa went to a friend's house for a little 'girl's night'
which put me in full control as mr. mom
luckly for me grant's babysitter, soledad, had cooked up some soup and grilled some chicken
that was better and even easier than me calling out for PIZZA!

feeding a one year old is a process
a less than efficient process
food gets tossed
food gets spat out
food lands on cheeks, the floor, inside the shirt, outside the shirt, basically everywhere
eventually I moved away from the soup to food that grant could feed himself
I let him chug the rest of the broth
he enjoyed all ingredients other than the peas
it is already clear that grant is a little more picky than dean
that is not to say he is not a good eater
grant eats most everything and lots of it
with a push of the hand and a twist of the neck and a turn of the head grant makes "no" clear
he can not speak it, but he can say it, only not in words

like Henry VII grant moved about the back deck
like a Henry VII after a few glasses of wine he merrrily stumbled about
he is such a little king
and his brother is definitely "the little prince"

the dogs were eventually sent inside to give dean and grant some room
the dogs often blur begging and snatching
why temped them?
so I put the furry vultures inside where they could look through the glass and droll

so I tried to be patient
when I could not be as patient as I should
i got creative
it seemed to work
serveral apples, a peat, lots of chicken, cheese was rejected, cookies were shared, juice was drank
what was rejected, disgaurded. spat out, tossed aside, and spilled was fair game for the dogs... when they were released for s doggie bag style scavenger hunt

enough typing

time to put on some music and read some BLOGS
BLOGGING means reading and writing
I have not been blogging
it should be fun catching up

went up to b-more with dean to go to the Science Center
this mini adventure was planned before the injury
it was pretty cool!

dean and I stopped by and grabbed my college buddy snoopy for the event
got to see snoop's new house in catonsville
dean likes those little adventures
my friend liz works at the Science Center and hooked us up with tickets for entry and the IMAX NASCAR film
the film rocked!
made me want to see more IMAX and more 3-D, not more Nascar...
but definitely more IMAX 3-D

maybe they will be making a Girls Gone Wild film in IMAX 3-D!
I think it would be popular!

the Science Center had some amazing stuff
perhaps geared to a child older than four year old... dean had a blast just the same
he may not have appreciated the "science" of it all
but he enjoyed it
it was another case where I had to balance my nees and understanding with dean's needs and understanding
i feel there was a good balance
tied to give him some space
also tried to herd him along

there was so much to do... so much to see... some exhibits could captivate us for hous
(the cyclone machine, the cloud machine, the sand dune machine... just to name a few!)

thanks liz for the hook up
it would have been a tad more expensive without that connection
worth it either way
the "new" museums that cater to children's 'hands on" needs are a great spin on the museum concept
we can not wait fo the DC Children's Museum to reopen!
dean loves the museums
the more freedom the better
not chaos
but freedom with activities


blogging would be fun
too much else to do with one hand

all is well

two PT sessions so far
my finger is killing me!
surgery destroyed all mobility

the future use of this finger is all in my "hand"
guess I will have to refill this pain medication
get on these exercises

took a week off work since the surgery
it has been less than a holiday