a good example of a time when I need to slow things down and move at a child's pace is dinner time
tonight lisa went to a friend's house for a little 'girl's night'
which put me in full control as mr. mom
luckly for me grant's babysitter, soledad, had cooked up some soup and grilled some chicken
that was better and even easier than me calling out for PIZZA!

feeding a one year old is a process
a less than efficient process
food gets tossed
food gets spat out
food lands on cheeks, the floor, inside the shirt, outside the shirt, basically everywhere
eventually I moved away from the soup to food that grant could feed himself
I let him chug the rest of the broth
he enjoyed all ingredients other than the peas
it is already clear that grant is a little more picky than dean
that is not to say he is not a good eater
grant eats most everything and lots of it
with a push of the hand and a twist of the neck and a turn of the head grant makes "no" clear
he can not speak it, but he can say it, only not in words

like Henry VII grant moved about the back deck
like a Henry VII after a few glasses of wine he merrrily stumbled about
he is such a little king
and his brother is definitely "the little prince"

the dogs were eventually sent inside to give dean and grant some room
the dogs often blur begging and snatching
why temped them?
so I put the furry vultures inside where they could look through the glass and droll

so I tried to be patient
when I could not be as patient as I should
i got creative
it seemed to work
serveral apples, a peat, lots of chicken, cheese was rejected, cookies were shared, juice was drank
what was rejected, disgaurded. spat out, tossed aside, and spilled was fair game for the dogs... when they were released for s doggie bag style scavenger hunt

enough typing

time to put on some music and read some BLOGS
BLOGGING means reading and writing
I have not been blogging
it should be fun catching up

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