Rants on Cycling and on Life


scanning the "net" for gear
stumbled upon this site, GORP
they have a list of top ten National Parks for Mountainbiking
lots of TOP TEN LISTS on the GORP Site
here is a list of Top Ten Treks in Nepal
they also have gear reviews and gear tips
it was a review of the poncho for cycling that drew me into this site
lots of other stuff
like... buy New or Repair the old bike?

fellow Mid-Atlantic Racer and fellow Blogger, FATMARC talks about this Elk Neck Trail


what is this blogpulse stuff?
and have you this furcafe?

I must admit
sometimes I put links on my blog as a reference for myself
works better than bookmarking for me

cacti and slime
I have never needed SLIME
well, actually... let me rephrase that
I do not live in a region where I feel I need SLIME in my tubes
not too many cacti in the mid-atlantic region
that is not to say that we do not get flats
but a snake bite is far more common than a thorn
although, thorns do happen
my friend tom has just moved to new mexico
he is entering the world of SLIME

I wonder if those patches are any good
I would not mind resurrecting some of the tubes in the basement
it looks like I am great to weave a giant hammock with all of those tubes
would not mind trying these
wonder of my local bike shop carries them

serving sizes
this may not be the case with all people
but I know it is the case with me
the quantity put before me is the quantity I consume
unless I want more after I clear what is on my plate
after all.... I am part of the "clean plate club" generation

think of popcorn or pizza...
go to the movies
you order a popcorn... grand... super grand.... super super grandious
then you go to your seat and you eat
the first couple handfuls are great
then it is a habitual motion
then you are looking in the bottom of the bag for that last kernel
chewing on seeds... crossing your fingers that your teeth will win over the unpopped corn

soda goes the same way
no matter what size soda I am served
I will drink it all
mind you.... as super sized as I may be... I have never had a Super Big Gulp
somehow the marvel of 7-11 escaped me
sure I have made my fair share of purchases there
but I was not raised in a 7-11 on Alice Cooper Slurpees and...
oh... okay, I was a slave to the 2 for a buck chilli cheese dogs in my early 20's
back to my point

soda is this interesting concept
we again enjoy that first taste
then we consume
then we look for the last taste
how much was consumed is never really a point
there was a taste, a few gulps, then nothing but noise
the sound of the straw searching the bottom of the glass for any remaining liquid
I say bring back the smaller bottles
bring back the Coca Cola in the ascetically pleasing glass bottles
7 or 10 ounces would be find
after all
we only really want a taste
if we really want to quench our thirst.... we do not reach for Coca Cola

Coca Cola taste test
in the world of Coca Cola people tend to prefer the flavor of the Coke from the aluminum can
something about the metalic taste
I feel that the warm can poured over crushed ice is the best combo
when given the choice...
most anyone will reach for that small ascetically pleasing bottle when given the option
bypassing the plastic 2 liter jug
going straight for the little bottle
because it tastes better?
because it feels better...
and well
the 2 liter bottle feels the least best
offers the greatest quantity for the least amount of money
but does not offer extra taste
and lacks that cool factor of the little bottle from our grandparent's era

bring back the little bottles
and well
we might start seeing a few more little people in this world

some blogs I am reading today....
kerry litka
(new to me, may be a staple to others)
kerry is also here with some old info
(aka wrenching in the gears)
single speed outlaw
(a classic)
(new to me)

and completely un-bike related

and this

got this from Erik
(a site that was recommended to me, but I think it is for the mind of the roadie... I just don't get it)
((that said... there is a lot of stuff I do not get))


top baby names of 2005
names and their meaning


Kerry Litka: an NPR Geek
hence.... Small Things Considered

kerry's blog
kerry on cycle disciple
kerry has been riding and racing well for years
kerry had been writing creatively for years as well
read what kerry has to say
some people that follow the cycling results may already know who Kerry is
I am more amused about her being the antithesis of the clydesdale


Tar's bike
Tar along side another messenger
in the gwadzilla archive Tar with the Monster

not the best shots of mike
mike was on the move
this man is from the old school
been on the streets for some time
he is built for speed

more random bike images
trying to figure out my new camera
need to work on a few things

Former DC Mayor Robbed at Gunpoint in his own home
Washington Post Article
sent to me from etjb

there is a tad bit of irony here...
if the reader were to do the math they would be able to guesstamate that these thieves were more than likely born from the world that Barry created

while Barry was complaining "that bitch set me up"
he should have been looking at the city around him
he should have been making better schools
he should have been creating programs to create jobs
he should have seen the lack of opportunity in society that was acting to create such youth
can I mention education again...
it all falls back upon education

and finally
if our justice system worked better
we would have safer streets
so many of these theives walk the streets treating crime as their day job
while the DC police are out giving parking tickets and jay walking tickets in affluent sections DC
the thieves are walking without fear doing their thieve thing in the rest of town

if police just did checks on each and every car with paper tags in the city...
that would be reason to pull them over
I guarantee that they would find more

Wikipedia defines Barry



T-ike? Trea-ike?
actually treadmill bike

-I am waiting for the Mountain Extreme version

-this was shared with me from my Clydesdale buddy Chris
-he is always scanning the web for the weird and the useless

-he found both here;

a beautiful bike
stole this image and information from Biking Bis
trio bike official site.... is that Lenny Kravitis' drummer?

good morning
it is 2006
I need some coffee

martino has posted some of his favorite bicycle blogger photos on his Bike Lane Diary page
still waiting for Cyclelicious' Best Bicycle Blogs of 2005

visit these sites and visit their links
more for the cycling mind than the day gives us time for

on with my day
excited to toy with my camera this week
as well as take a lunch walk to the Corcoran for some art exhibits