Former DC Mayor Robbed at Gunpoint in his own home
Washington Post Article
sent to me from etjb

there is a tad bit of irony here...
if the reader were to do the math they would be able to guesstamate that these thieves were more than likely born from the world that Barry created

while Barry was complaining "that bitch set me up"
he should have been looking at the city around him
he should have been making better schools
he should have been creating programs to create jobs
he should have seen the lack of opportunity in society that was acting to create such youth
can I mention education again...
it all falls back upon education

and finally
if our justice system worked better
we would have safer streets
so many of these theives walk the streets treating crime as their day job
while the DC police are out giving parking tickets and jay walking tickets in affluent sections DC
the thieves are walking without fear doing their thieve thing in the rest of town

if police just did checks on each and every car with paper tags in the city...
that would be reason to pull them over
I guarantee that they would find more

Wikipedia defines Barry


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