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Movie Review: American Hardcore

American Hardcore Rocks!

it was not so much about a specific place
it was not so much about setting priorities
it was not so much about the history

it was about the energy

they captured the energy

did every band get mentioned?
did every member of every scene get interviewed no?
was ever perspective told?

if you wanted to have a really detailed map of the world
you would have to build it actual size
and that just is not possible


the great white whale

the whole photo thing is a odd little hobby
as it can be fun for me on so many levels

although I am not a photographer I do like going out and snapping some pictures
as I have said... going out with the camera can be like going fishing

sometimes I get a nibble
sometimes I get a bite
sometimes I can not set the hook
sometimes the fish dodge the net
sometimes the fish jump in the boats
sometimes all you see is the splash from a fish jumping across the pond

a splash across the pond may catch my attention
but sometimes that splash also reveals a tail
like the tail of a great white whale

there are cyclist I have seen or bikes I have seen in my travels on and off the bike
sometimes I do not have the camera
sometimes I do not have the time
so there are cyclists and bikes that I hope to photo at some time in the future

I saw a few small folding bikes recently
the first one I saw in the distance
the other I saw locked up
I shot some images of the locked up one
but it really is not that interesting without the rider
as it is just an fun little Dahon

but today I heard that splash and I caught a glimspe of that tail
being on my bike and having both camera and bike I figured I would see if I could track that great white whale
I was south of dupont
while I was south of dupont
she was exiting the park onto 19th street
while I was entering dupont from new hampshire avenue

I rolled through fast yet curious
getting stuck by a line of pedestrians walking 7 a breast
anxious to get on 19th and see if the white whale was swimming up stream on 19th
or floating down Q Street with the flow of traffic

after parting the crowd I cautiously crossed the street and got onto 19th after weaving through more chaotic foot traffic
on 19th I could see my target rolling between parked cars and traffic stuck like parked cars on Q Street
bumper to bumper traffic and a set of red lights made it was for me to reel her in closer
at the light I tried to make an introduction
the light turned green
then to another red I started my introduction
eye contact was not solid
I rushed to a simple
can I take your picture

the light turned green and the punk rock asian girl with a facial piercing and a folding bike with very small wheels rode on
with my camera already in hand I snapped a few pictures
as she pedal briskly ahead of me I tried to tell her my "bit"

she was not responding
so I rode forward to capture her moving from the front
she moved from the street to the sidewalk
obviously to avoid me
at this point my mind had moved to a more automatic set of objectives
achieve goal
get photo
so I rode ahead
a block later I waited
there was an awesome front porch on Q with a massive purple spider
I waited with my camera
finger on the shutter button
cropping the porch with home owner reading the paper behind the massive purple spider

at the alley before the porch my subject moved back to the street
I missed my shot
back to the pedals I caught her at the light
thought I could explain myself
thought she would laugh and thing it was cool
she told me I was annoying her
and a few explitives

I then went on my way
not feeling so good about how things had turned out
my objective was not to annoy her
yet I had
if only she understood my objective
she would respect my appreciation for her unique little bike
but now...
that is not how it played out
I was some geeky stalker invading her space and taking her picture

definitely not the experience I was trying to have or create

I can recall the first time I approached a female messenger
it all felt a little creepy
not so much that I really felt creepy
but more that I feared that she would think I were just some creep
it did not go that way
as a matter of fact I snapped a shot of that same messenger today
and I think I caught a few great candid smiles as she told me about her trip to Florida
also caught a few shots of her boyfriend minutes later
but no close ups
so I am not sure that they will work in together

the photo "thing" has a social element
I have no intention of the photo thing to have a negative element

I am still torn on using the images

off to see American Hardcore at E Street Cinemas

typed this with a great mellow background score from the Moby site

makes your day... makes my day

the images are on my laptop at home
but wanted to mention this before I forget this...

yesterday I went for an afternoon stroll with the camera
went around the block before I had to wind up the final hours of my work day

at an intersection a block from work there was a commuter stalled at a light
he was on an interesting bike... I think it was a fixie
I recall it had mustache bars

before this rider in office clothing busted a move and ran the light I went for the camera

with no time to ask for permission I got down low to try and get the rider and the bike in the frame and crop the image within the camera
not sure how he was going to respond I went about my photo way just the same

as I was about to snap the first image I was busted!
he noticed me
how could he not notice me?
I am 6'4" tall
crouching on the ground 5 feet away

to my surprise he recognizes me
not by face
but by action
he asks me if I am John Guad
or some similar bastardization of my name
I say I am as I snap the pictures and make a quick correction of his mispronunciation

as the shutter snaps the light turns green
the subject in the image thanks me for getting him through his day everyday

that made my day

so, I thanked him
as the photos I took will make my day when I compose them in my "photo collage thing"
hearing that my "page" gets him through his day makes my day

thanks for saying thanks

here is a GWADZILLA ARCHIVE from a few years ago in the FALL
I blogged about a number of ideas that are floating through my head
take a look
it is worth a look
scroll through... it is intersting to see the blog sans images

gwadzilla @ myspace

gwadzilla @ myspace

I do not do much there...
but it is interesting to cruise the images
and to be connected to a broader network of of cyclists

Florida Law: must pass bicyclist more than three feet away
this law is funny

it is like so many laws

it shocks me that it needs to be the law

now I am not a religious man
things are often viewed through the perspective I was raised

this three foot law is like so many laws of the ten commandments
for example thou shall not steal

thou shall not kill
does that need to be a law?

guess people have been selfish assholes for all time
it had to be broken down for them taken to a more specific level to the point of telling them not to "covet" as the sensation of coveting may lead to stealing
and well

the rule of stealing alone must not have been enough

maybe we did not evolve
as it seems we have not evolved

in fact
I think that we may have devolved

sorry max

no punctuation

no max picture tonight

will have to work with today's set of images tomorrow or this weekend

he calls himself batman




I just can not do it all
there are so many things to do on saturday
a morning soccer game
then an afternoon Halloween party
no time to dash off to Delaware for this

looks like perfect cross weather
rain the day before to muck it up
cool... but not cold... definitely not hot

bummed I will miss it

next year
next year I need to get there for their mountain bike race
that is a great course
similiar to Fairhill

Conn. and L

OLOL... some things never change

Our Lady of Lourdes closes due to virus
that is where I went to grade school
things went down hill after they removed the nuns

I wonder if they still use that green saw dust when a child vomits


I wonder if Mr. Jim and Jimmy are still the custodians

guess I could have gone to the 65 year parrish reunion last weekened if I really did wondder

on conn ave. again


bike lanes/bike lane advocate in DC

guess bikes being kicked to the curb is the way things work in cultures other than the united states

this image and other humorous images
some questionable images

strange cosmos

and in DC
the self righteous biker

the self righteous biker blogs about the traffic in the bike lanes on her route to work each day
she takes still and motion images of the blatant disregard for the markings on the street

what should we expect?
they can not read the writing on the wall...
why would they read the markings on the street?

stole that link from WASHCYCLE
DC's version of Bike Portland

another addition from the gwadzilla staff

more pics of SWAMPER

Swampy at IF Bikes
formerly of DCMTB

IF Grassroots Team
IF Blog (managed by Rocco... also formerly of DCMTB)

fishing the same spots

funny.... I have a number of shots of Tar at this same location
he did a slick trackskid on his approach
the camera was not ready

Three Peaks Cross Race

Three Peaks Cross Race

well worth a look
shared with me from Dave V. of DCMTB

the swapping of the bikes is something my brother had joked about for the Shenandoah Mountain 100
that would definitely change some finishing times!




swampy of real courier

ESPN Sports Article

Highway 1: The best bike ride possible

shared with me from a mr. eddie bridge
it has a feel good spin to it

east meets west.... east moves west

sami fournier left the east and headed west
now setting roots in oregon
riding and racing there

her adventures are documented at

Sami @ Spokepost
images of Sami at PBASE



focus on the posts at spokepost

Sami is now racing with a San Francisco based ELITE VEGAN CYCLING TEAM
(if you look closely at the shorts on the racer on the pink bike it reads GO VEGAN!)

Booth Babes... a phenomena at all conventions

Interbike Booth Babe Queen Crowned by GOCLIPLESS
booth babes from other convention cultures
gamers love their booth babes!

if more cyclists looked and dressed like that young woman
I assure you that cars would slow before making a pass went across the pond to get those images

Intentional Communities and a unique bike tour

Sustainable Energy in Motion Bicycle Tours

Intentional Communtiy as defined on Wikipedia
Twin Oaks... an Intentional Community in the DC area
Twin Oaks Official Page
Twin Oaks is known for its hammocks

this was sent to me
I do not post everything that people ask me to post
but... I do post some of it

I think that people need their own blogs

thoroughbreds, plow horses, and clydesdales

this morning I thought I would mix things up a bit
grabbed the Surly Karate Monkey for the ride into work

not the rigid single
the geared Monkey with front shock

just lugging this beast up the stairs to the alley behind my house was a work out

the bike is heavy
the bike is 31.5 pounds heavy

which is a big leap from the weight of my Specialized Tri-Cross

it is not fair to compare cross bikes and mountain bikes

but compared to other mountain bikes... the Surly Karate Monkey is still a beast

although I did not attend the Interbike Booth Babe Convention
I did follow some of the talk on the Web
it seems that 29ers are still carrying a great deal of BUZZ
all sorts of folks are coming out with a new 29ers

in all the random readings of reviews of the products at Interbike I never saw anything about the new Jamis bikes for 2007

the City Bikes shops are not only my Local Bike Shop but also my mountain bike team sponsor carry Jamis
which have me focused on the Jamis 29er releases for 2007
but I saw nothing my my web meanderings

let me step away and do a GOOGLE

got a few things... a forum that went no where

guess I will go straight to the source... Jamis bikes

Jamis 29er Hardtail
Exile Single Speed (beautiful)
not seeing their fulls suspension 29er
for next season

I am looking to get on a lighter more responsive set of machines

as much as I love the Karate Monkeys by Surly I just do not thing that these things were built for racing
getting a new bike (or two) is not a must
but it would be nice for me to train on a plow horse and race on a thoroughbred

even if I am a clydesdale

Jamis Bikes
citybikesmike wrote about the 2007 Jamis bikes

everyone has blogged on Madonna

Madonna has been in the press lately
the blogs are going crazy on Madonna
the news is going crazy on Madonna

what has Madonna gone and done now?
cbs' show buzz

for those living in a bubble...
Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are in the process of adopting a one year old boy from Malawi

do I know if Madonna and Guy are good parents?
no... I do not know specifics

but I do know that life as a celebrity is different than life down in the trenches

my guess...
Madonna is a better mom that Princess Di ever was
and well
Lady Di was considered to be some fantastic mother
which she may well have been... lets ask her sons

my feeling... back off of Madonna and Guy Ritchey
they do not need PR
Madonna would sell out tours with or without this adoption
and Guy... I think he is more concerned with his Judo than Public Relations

there were some nice quotes from Madonna in her latest movie that made sense
she seemed very down to earth for Madonna

as far as her intentions?
I lack the crystal ball to tell you her intentions
but... if her intention is to draw attention to the poverty and famine in Africa
that is fine
the world needs to know

no matter what her intention is
or what we may think her intentions are
there is a good chance that this young child will have the opportunity to live a long prosporous life
maybe to grow and develop to do great things
or at least to grow and develop
which more than likely would not have happened in his poor motherless world in Malawi

I know people are seeing this whole international adoption thing as the next accessory
I disagree with the Paris Hilton types getting dogs that fit in Gucci bags
I would have to say that adoption of a human life is something more
and I respect that most anyone famous or not would understand this

Tony Blair.... edit to sing SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO

Tony Blair sings The Clash, SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO

stole that of WONKETTE


ban bacardi

bacardi needs to be banned

when I drink rum I do not think I drink bacardi
when I have a mojoto I most definitely am not requesting bacardi
although I may request a mojito
am not saying no to a bacardi and coke
it is just not my objective
rum is not really my drink of choice

this ad is funny
not that ad
the ad on the television
funny that they would support a bunch of guys being assholes
rushing to get indoors to watch television
it is so stupid that it hardly pisses me off
it does piss me off
how annoying.... what makes that funny or cool?

have you seen this ad with the men in fish costumes?
do you know what I am talking about?
am I making any sense?

and a Jeep commercial in Spanish during The Mind of Mencina?
very interesting
the world is changing

there goes jay... here and gone...

there goes jay
here and gone
busting a move at the light
would have liked to snap a few shots up close
but he passed in a flash

another time
another time

no.... that guy is not particularly tall

some images from M Street

georgia gould

georgia cross results

georgia at luna

at the Charm City Cyclocross event in Baltimore last month I asked the sporty woman with the baseball cap to assist me with my number

he helped me both by explaining the logic of how the number should sit on my jersey while she pinned it on me

as the excitement for my race built I made small talk

so... are you racing today?

yea... two races later this afternoon she answered

I thanked her and went on my way
during my Men's 35+ race I saw her warm up on the bicycle trainer in her luna gear
then in the B Race I saw her battle in the top five for a very exciting race
which acted as a warm up for her later event that day

I think she took 3rd in the Bs and second in the Women's Elite


City Lights of Washington

we ordered chinese food tonight
I love chinese food
when in Peru I loved "el menu del dia"
but I also loved Chifa
sure there was cerviche
but there was also Chifa
only not tonight

we had a wonderful chinese dinner
well... lisa and I did
dean had dinner at a friend's
grant could not wait for the food to arrive
so... we ordered too much for the family
we definitely ordered too much for two adults

I love City Light's Chinese food
there is some belief that City Lights is the best Chinese in the city
hopefully Dean agrees
as I packed his lunch tonight
which included some left over chinese and a fortune cookie
there is an apple, raisins, and a go-gurt just in case

City Lights
nice setting
great delivery/carry out

hiking at gambril/brutus is a good dog

this sunday past my mom watched the boys and lisa and I took brutus for a hike
brutus is a good dog

brutus is a good dog whose life has changed since the death of our dog roscoe
roscoe was his brother
not his litter mate
but his brother
same father different mother
born five days appart

they spend eight years living in tandem
these dogs did everything in stereo
this summer past roscoe died
it is as if brutus has had a part of him removed

the way brutus precieves the world
the way brutus experiences the world has changed
a sunset is beautiful
but a sunset is more beautiful when shared with someone
brutus used to love chasing squirrels
chasing squirrels just is not the same for brutus

roscoe was a serious bed hog

each night lisa would call roscoe from my side and bring him to bed
now roscoe is gone

brutus has taken on the roll of lisa's bedtime routine
but unlike roscoe the bed hog
brutus gets out of bed when I come to bed
then in the morning when lisa gets up and I steal that last hour of semi sleep
brutus often gets into bed by my side or at my feet

brutus is a good dog
brutus is part of the family

tonight at bed time my five year old son dean spoke of how and why he missed Roscoe...

I let him talk
I did reinforce that we loved brutus and roscoe equally
then dean told me the reasons why he missed roscoe
dean misses roscoe for the same reasons I miss roscoe
dean misses roscoe for the same reason brutus misses roscoe

brutus is a good dog
I miss roscoe
I miss brutus having roscoe
maybe it is time to get brutus another dog

bike path peleton

the bike path is organized chaos
or maybe chaos at its breaking point

there are so many variables
so many bodies doing different things
so many minds thinking in different ways
a few too many people not thinking

it seems people fail to realize the fragility of the human body
the number of unnessary close calls freaks me out

there are issues from all directions
dogs off leash
dogs zipping back and forth on leash
kids moving unpredictably on bikes with training wheels
kids walking exploring curiously at their parents side then not at their parents side
the runners and thier random button hooks
the runner turn around when they feel it is time to turn around
the runner always turns to the inside and never looks
the happy couples
the roller bladers and their wide strides
the headphones on all varieties
the lightless in the dark
the lights pointed right into oncoming traffic eyes... my eyes
the lights are better than no lights

the bicycle can be a menace on the bike path
the bicycle can be a meance to themselves and to others

yes... it is the bike path but that does not mean that others do not have a right to be there as well
just as these others have a right to be there
these othes have a right to their safety and a right to their placid good time
much that the cyclist does enfringes on those rights

I admit that I may go fast on the bike path
there was a time when I tried to keep it to the single speed on the bike path
but somehow gears got on the trail
tried to keep it to the smaller ring in the front
but sometimes the chain pops up to the big ring

but... I try to be safe as well as courteous
there is a balance

anticipate the worst
respect others
treat others as you wish to be treated

I have a dog and I have children
I know my distance I know my limits
but I also know that I do not like seeing my kids or my dog get buzzed by a bike
nor do my kids or dogs like being buzzed
so I give an audible, I bring down my speed, and I pass wide and clear

but not everyone is looking that far ahead
the behavior that is perhaps the most dangerous of all has to be the bike path peleton
drafting on the multi-use bike path is not a good idea
especially with strangers
especially when riding in an aggressive quasi race mode

the pace line and drafting is a concept in a race
this drafting of cars exists in car racing
but when drafting cars on the highway happens it is called tailgating
much of the logic of the road needs to be transfered to the bike path

the tailgating has it dangers for all the obvious reasons
the greatest reason being the pass
when the leader of this commuter pace line makes a pass on a runner, a walker, a dog, a child, or another cyclist
the line of jokers does not concern themselves with oncoming traffic
no car driver with a lick of sense would pull such a move on the streets
yet full grown adults caught up in the moment do this move every day on the bike path
having near collisions several times each day
each day bringing fear and anger to other trail users
bring a bad name to cyclist

sure I may go fast... sometimes too fast
but... I am riding alone not as an ameboid mass
blind to traffic infront of them
blind to the consequences of their actions

it is the same guys doing the same thing every day

it is just inappropriate behavior

tonight I did an hour and a half mostly on some of the bike paths around the city
the use of headphones may contribute to the danger
but the most dangersous contribution on the trail has to be the fight to be King of the Crescent Trail

there is an old motorcycle bumpersticker...


kill or be killed

kill or be killed
the most dangerous game
squirt gun style

a person named hagan emailed me on this
I think he wanted me to put it on my blog
although it is not my thing
it is amusing and interesting
then again so is paintball

but I am not sure I need the anxiety of feeling like I am being hunted

I need to go back to school

I need to go back to school
I need to go back to school for industrial design
as I need to start getting my inventions going
the world needs some of my inventions

right now I need to invent the device that cleanly opens the duck sauce, the mustard sauce, and the soy sauce that comes with delivery chinese
then puts each sauce into a separate container
so that all of these sauces do not go to waste

I certainly do not have the time or concern to get some scissors, a funnel, and an empty bottle or jar

the device needs to be cleaner and easier than asking the people on the other side of the phone not to bother sending 50 soy sauce packet, 15 mustard sauce packets, and 15 duck sauce packets

okay... I am a cyclist

okay... I am a cyclist
I ride bikes
bikes have been a part of my life for many many years
I am a cyclist
on or off the bike I am a cyclist

it amazes me that someone can get off their bike and become something else
I guess because someone rides their bike it does not make them a cyclist

I am a cyclist
when I am walking down the sidewalk
when I am driving in my car
no matter what I am doing... I am a cyclist

it boggles my mind that people can not transfer their feeling of how they wish to be treated on the bike
unable to see how others want to be treated on the bike when they approach them in their car

I can not tell you how many times a joker runs up on my ass or pulls up real close and starts their lecture with...

I ride a bike too...

then there is the lecture about how I need to get out of their way because now they are in a car
and well
cars are more important
cars are taking people places

I hate when that happens
but it goes beyond the obvious
car to cyclist

a rower can get off the river
put away their gear as they bitch to their fellow rowers in the boat house about the jokers in the power boat or that jerk off on the jet ski
only to get in their preppy little car where they pass a cyclist fast and close leaving an equally obnoxious wake

there are cars with all sorts of messages on them

I can not tell you how many cars have the DIVER flag as a sticker on their bumper
that flag indicating diver bellow.... a warning to power boats to be cautious of the human lives under the surface
yet... this same driver with the concern for the life of a diver so often has no concern for the cyclist or the pedestrian
as their ethic and concerns only apply to themselves
only concerned with the health and well being of thesmselves

when I get in my car I drive in a courteous fashion
not just courteous to cyclists
but courteous to pedestrians as well
cars... well... I am occassional courteous of the other cars
I am concious of my behavior
I intentionally show others respect
anticipating the behavior of the runners, walkers, or cyclists in the world around me

there needs to be an eye opening education
somehow we need to give society an injection of empathy
as people fail to see things in a realistic way
people are also failing to see the consequences
it is not just the incosiderate behavior towards the cyclist or the pedestrians
it is the danger and risk to the life or safety of the cyclist or the pedestrian

there need to be some Public Serivice Announcements
there needs to be some education

everyone needs an education
even the cyclists may need an education
we all need an education
society needs to evolve
right now we are de-evolving

welcome to anywhere USA


the gap and starbucks fight for lease


I want a cabbage patch doll!

I want a cabbage patch doll!

they look cheap
maybe I can get two

ditty bops 2007 calendar is available

and there music is available for a listen on the dittybops myspace page

their photo shoots always look so fun
I think you have to be partly crazy to step so deeply into character


more faces from the hard drive

cold morning

cold morning...

time to get the cold weather gear up front and center
no time to dig around for a matching full fingered glove and a second arm warmer in the am
as it takes longer to get dressed and longer to get undressed
need to be a tad more organized

my need for organization spreads throughout my life as a whole

I am a less than organized individual

the cold weather felt good...
but only as something new and different

cross blog

this blog is scary... scary good
I fear I am going to lose some time trying to catch up on some cross stuff in the northwest

dig in... there is a whole lot there

makes me think about CROSSTALK

that film rocks
it may be about motorcycles
but it is not that different from the many subcultures of cycling

I need to just order this and a few other Bruce Brown classics
always wasting my energy scanning Best But for this stuff
always end up getting stuck between The Suicide Girls tour video or a video for my kids

usually end up getting the video for the kids
bought Curious George yesterday
George better be good
cause I was really getting psyched on the Suicide Girls DVD

cycling culture.... other races other scenes

some more faces from the archives

the rubber stamp

there was a previous post where I typed all angry and drunk about a conversation that I had with a guy I know from the neigborhood at a local bar
this morning I went in and tried to amend things a bit
tried to clear some stuff up
tried to lessen my attack

but the additions to last night's drunken rant did not make it to the web
the information got lost in cyber space

durning the day the beligerent encounter resurfaced in my mind a few times
it was I that was beligerent
the whole episode worked like a pressure cooker

the conversation was aggravating and a tad boring from the start
the amount of actual conversation frustrated me
the inability for the guy talking to read his audience irked me

to have this guy talk on and on about bikes would be like me talking about guitars to a musician
why would I talk on and on about guitars to a musician?

I could go through my long list of guitars
the electric tawainese fender rip off
the bass that had no guts
the various acoustic guitars
how I got these guitars and where they went
it would be quite a list

but.... I try not to go through this list
especially to someone who has a deeper connection with the guitar than I do
as I do not know how to play guitar
literally do not know how to play guitar
this guy can ride a bike better than I can play guitar

as I know nothing about guitars
I tend to listen when the topic is about guitars
or at least I will try to get an idea of the person I am speaking with's knowledge on the topic
this guy had no idea where I stood on bikes and cycling

when he talked about his Hard Rock...
I could have talked about the Hard Rock that I owned
or the Hard Rock that I gave to my brother.... a mountain bike that was too large for him
but was enough to get him into the sport
I could talk about the GT with the elevated chain stay that I broke but then realize that it was a Jamis
but no...
I listened to his list
I too have a list of bikes
my list of current bikes in my circulation exceeds the list of bikes in his life
not boasting just facts

but it was not so much that he was uninteresting
it was that he could not listen

nor could I
as I had listened enough
having him tell me one more time that he worked for 8 hours on his house would not make it any more interesting than the first four times
nor would telling me that a overweight slow rider in lycra on a three thousand dollar bike needs to get off the road and onto the bike path
there are times when I agree
I have heard this topic enough times from Red Staters in SUVs that I do not want to hear it from someone who has the ambitions to be a poser on a track bike

I see cyclists and feel that they are out of place
going too fast on the bike path
going too slow on the road
but there is a bigger issue
there is no place for the bicycle
it is as if the world has a big sticker posted on it.... NO BIKES ALLOWED
and this is pissing me off

bikes belong
bikes do belong
if there were a place for bikes
if bikes were given rights
well, they would not seem so out of place doing what they do

should a bicyclist be going 12 miles an hour in a 35MPH Zone?
as long as there is nothing posting that bicycles are prohibited
then this slow cyclist no matter their weight... no matter the cost of their bike....
this cyclist is within the limits of the law
while the majority of the cars are speeding
more than likely everyone but the blue haired lady with the braille dashboard is speeding excessively
leaving the cyclist in a legal position and the car drivers in and obnoxious and illegal position

when the speed limit is 25...
it does not matter how many miles per hour the cyclist is moving below the speed limit
that cyclist is still cruising at a legal pace
while each and every driver over the speed limit is breaking the law

it bothered me
that this guy who more than likely someone who fancies themselves as a cyclist would take the same approach to a bicyclist rights as any and every other asshole in an suv
there does need to be an education
laws and rights need to be discussed
I am tired of car drivers standing behind the cyclist running red lights and stop signs
as the bicyclist is modifying the law to a very similar extent that the car driver does when the speed
there are limits
there is excess
there is a difference between leading and stealing
there is a difference between bending the rules and breaking the law

some faces on this computer

some faces from downtown
some faces from my hard drive

I do the photo thing on a few different machines
unarchived raw images exist on several machines
it would be a good idea to throw out the garbage burn a few cds and free up some space