Rants on Cycling and on Life


tar.... in a spot I usually see him

the whole photography game is like fishing
the fish can be predictable
there are secret spots
there are better times of the day
you have to know where they feed
then wait

I admit.... I have fished for tar and cargo mike before
for some reason I find them interesting for the camera

yes, tar

clydesdale fuel

no... not another lodi shot

this shot was shared with me from a bike wrench that goes by beef from alabama
not sure what part of the info is true
as it is the internet
but I know that is a cool image
thanks beef

more bike to work day photos? sure!

scrooge and the
DC Bicycle Courier Association

College Park Bikes...

riding, racing, wrenching, and educating in college park

DC's Chain Reaction Set to REOPEN in June

Chain Reaction of the SHAW ECO VILLAGE is set to REOPEN in June!
pictured here is City Bikes Mountain Bike Racer/Chain Reaction Program Director Eric Welp
Chain Reaction's Julie McCoy? oh.... you are too young to know of the Love Boat?

more BTW


lots of images from BIKE TO WORK DAY 2006
City Bikes was a strong contributor and a strong presence
thanks to WABA and all others that make this event possible
so many images I may have to just host them on FLICKR


m street

another shot after the prank

a little game slowing the afternoon rush

moving the lean locked bike is a classic
if the bike is locked to a post
lock to the bike
that will slow the red light rush down for a few laughs

a few images from the sidewalk

joined FLICKR

so.... I joined FLICKR now I need to learn how to use it got that TONY HAWK camera through well, still trying to figure it out this morning on the wya in I think I was turning it on each time I thought I was starting to record rode home today swapped the SD card then tried to get some of the ride home but... when I got home I did not have the usb cable to try and download the motion images tried to go straight to the SD card but the machine I was on did not recognize the card as being formated so I figured I would guess around tomorrow then figure it out at work now.... how do I get these FLICKR Images over here

just saw an old friend's name at the head of the VA bike to work day pit stop organizers

wounded warrior/soldier's ride

andy singer cartoon
wounded warrior project
the soldier's ride


signs are fine...
the only problem
no body pays any attention to the signs
the education needs to happen before the incident

with my kids I can give them instructions
if they can not obey
I need to remove the opportunity for them to create the negative behavior
that is how I feel with cars...

adults are driving like children
they know the rules
they know the limits
yet they keep disobeying the rules
so... we need to guide their behavior
remove the opportunity for them to break the rules

excessive speeding?
make the roads so the cars have to slow down
tickets are not working
maybe shaming
or maybe spankings

I would settle for public shaming
a big sticker on the car telling the world
or whatever
i am none of those things

another sign
an even better sign

maybe I need to join flickr

maybe I need to join FLICKR
then I could put the images up elsewhere
I would have a good place to store them
people could view a slide show


I could then link to them
as blogger is refusing to let me post any images

got some new images of tar
but unable to get blogger to throw them on the page


mountain biking messengers

recently I had a personal discovery
well, actually.... I had multiple discoveries
I learned that a number of my favorite cycling subjects were friends
(shocker... they work downtown on their bikes.. no dah~!)
then, I also learned that a number of these messengers are also mountain bikers
not just mountain bikers.... but mountain bike racers
and good ones two

at the two races I have done this year I ran into full on crew of messengers with their mountain bikes
what was cooler.... was at the lodi event the team of mountain biking messengers camped with a number of friends

cargo mike is one of these mountain biking messengers... he was top ten in Single Speed at Greenbriar and I think he was on a podium team at lodi although I forget what class

max (who I have some image of and want to post... but blogger is refusing me) is also a mountain biking messenger...

in addition to the mountain biking messengers there are also some high level road racing messengers
made in austrailia shane
chris aka THC (totally hard core/the highest chris.... or something like that)
to name a few
although I have not seen chris in a while

oh... there is my photo friend kevin dillard who rides/races/photos/ and documents


wall street journal article


wall street journal article on commuting


I am male... I am insecure

I am male
I am insecure
I hate being passed on the bike

the cars that pass me tend to irk me when they pass too fast and too close
that is not the passing I am thinking of at this moment
it is the action of other cyclists passing me that causes me frutstration
there are so many faster cyclists than me
I have come to accept that
it is more a matter of how the pass occurs
and then what happens after the pass

today was a prime example of such a pass...

care to hear my tale from the trail?

lunch in the park

is google having image issues?

big brother

me and my brother have had our problems
not unlike cain and able
we certainly have had our bad days

but all in all... my brother is one of my best friends

what is up with BIG BROTHER?

seems that our BIG BROTHER is getting out of line
red light cameras are one thing

random cameras around the city are questionable

the paranoia behavior of police officers is something that is fine with the proper approach
ut what about this stuff with the ABC reporters?

story in the ABC Blog
(no worries... I tend not to deviate from the Bicycle Blogs.... just wanted to cite that as a source)


no more blog... need to sit back

need to sit back and finish this drink
but first I will bookmark this
stole this from the wash cycle

one last look

wandering around the net
going to some blogs
doing the blog tangent hop
was over at DT's
seems DT has a photo page now
wonder if this inspired rickyd with his solo efforts

that is the fourth place duo; friends and rivals
(me and chris)

29 incher or downhill

rumor has it marla streb had a baby...
that is awesome
that is interesting
that is fun

like that car commerical a few years ago where the man daydreams about taking the kids out of school and racing the paris dakar
or something like that
the camera on the little kid in the kid seat as the truck rocks back and forth, giggling while his ice cream scoops bounces out of the cone
it can be done
eric jackson lives that commercial
only with an rv and a kayak
(kids and all)
then there is the unpublished saga of metal cowboy pulling his young boys cross country on the bike

el mariachi

salsa cycles and their 29er
el mariachi
the salsa blog
I wonder if the karate monkey gets jealous when I look at other bikes
good thing the karate monkey does not know I have been thinking at night about the Jamis 29 inch single speed that I heard about for 2007

on your mark... get set... GO!

in my efforts to be more civil there are a few things I try to do...

one thing I try to do when I get in my car is to try and be concious of my actions

the first thing that we all do when we are in our cars is turn the key
then we are gone

it is basic car knowledge that it is best to warm up the engine for 30 seconds to a minute
the exact time that aids us best could be found out with a quick call to either Click or Clack
in any case... this is not just a winter thing
this is a get the oil warmed up and circulating around the engine thing
it is said that this warm up extends the life of your car

it is my feeling that this little warm up can extend the driver's life as well
the key is turned and I am waiting my little minute
this keeps me from darting into traffic without a good safe look
this lets me put in some music; which is more safely done parked then moving
lets me verify that all passengers have their seat belts on
it prevents me from letting the turn of the key dictate the emotion of my drive
as I have slowed things down for a minute
it has let me slow things down as a whole
I enter traffic more at ease and I move about with greater thought

now how do we get everyone to slow things down?


google maps

my wifi is too slow for google earth
but the google maps are still pretty sweet
sure map brains like camps and daniels may laugh at my neophyte technology
but I love the maps
I love to trace a ride or a loop
just worked on an article for SPOKES magazine
wanted to include some more maps
but already included so much text
there are three or four vital maps
wanted to hear from the editor before I put in too much unneeded effort
the maps are out there
figure that those interested in the ride can go to the web and search out the details themselves

it is a pretty cool ride
a dirt ride from the Capitol Building to the Cabin John Trails in Potomac Maryland
at least 95% dirt
roughly minimum 40 miles up and back

do a google map flight
trace that route
trace a route
pretty cool, this technology and such

good map of the cabin john trails

airline ride

citybikesmike had some advocacy adventures
sounds like some fun on the bike!
check it out!

anger versus action

rather than wasting my time being angry I am taking action
sure I have sent out some emails before
but now I am being more diligent about my efforts
as I want to avoid the worst case scenario on my street
the traffic moves way to fast
the momentum needs to be slowed
and well
it looks like my push is leading towards some action

action leads to reaction
uncivilized behavior breeds uncivilized behavior
now that I am being proactive
perhaps I can prevent future actions leading to my reaction
limit the uncivilized behavior that causes the uncivilized behavior
no longer will I be a slave to my anger

the recipient list on my emails have grown
I have seen police officers stopping speeding cars
I saw my ANC leader out taking measurements
it is good to see that my voice is being heard
glad to know I am not just screaming at a wall

my two sons make me so proud

my two boys make me proud
they make me proud for so many different reasons
it makes me proud to see them get up after they fall down
to see them skin their knees and not cry excessively
for them to just do the things they do makes me proud
as their father it is my job to be proud of them
and I enjoy this job

last week my older son dean was going through his I hate school routine
four seems a little young for this sort of thing
but... they grow up fast
as I tried to give some reason to my son's feelings
he immediately shot me down... telling me that I told him this answer last week
I had not know that he needed a new and different explanation each and every time we had this discussion
but apparently so
before I could continue any further with a new line of logic dean told me this
dad... I do not want to go to school... I just want to stay home all day and ride my bike
this made me very proud

ever since telling my son about the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms (along with pictures) he has wanted to attach a headlamp to his helmet
the late sunset makes darkness pretty close to bedtime
I think I will have to put a light on there before it gets dark
as he is so insistent

last year Dean and Lisa camped with me at the Shenandoah Mountain 100
Dean has asked to go camping at a mountain bike race again
that boy warms my heart
as well does his younger brother grant


I do love hot dogs

boiled dogs... just like grandma used to make
well... only she did not let them soak for a week before she served them
all this talk is making me hungry


I did not race granogue
but... here are some reports from others who may or may not of been involved
(fatmarc was on the promoter's side of the table this weekend)

marc v. blogged about the promoter side of things
I have often felt that people do not appreciate the promoters
granny gear gets grief for expensive entry fees
dan comber got grief for being dan comber
the Norba events get grief from mountainbikers for Norba being so road-like
but where would we be without the promoters?
we would be without races
so, apprecite the promoters and their events with all their flaws

(oh, looks like dan comber is no longer hosting the Susquehanna Scorcher)


great weekend

a bike-less weekend
not proud to say it
but is was a bike free weekend
it happens

had an awesome weekend
even without the bike

going into the weekend I knew I was going without the bike
which is far better than going into the weekend thinking you have a ride planned and it ends up not happening
going into the weekend I knew I was booked

friday night in a bar... that does not happen often
then there was yoga of me and for lisa in the morning
there were the requisite dog walks
arrived on time for the mr. mom/coach roll with dean and his four/five year old soccer game
some time in a vaccuum I am at home depot
it is like the twilight zone
dean and I grab some flowers for the back yard... those will be the mother's day flowers
there was a birthday party for my brother's son
it was awesome... some simple theses of pizza and foam swords and cardboard shields for a dozen young knights put me into the roll of Shrek... got my work out getting hit in the head with foam swords
left over pizza for bed then bedtime for everyone

mother's day/my wife's birthday
one of dean's major buddy's dad had a good idea
while drinking one too many drinks at the neighborhood bar this man came up with a kid evacuation for mother's day morning
there was talk of the diner in adams morgan
but my mother babysitting blocked that
instead it was heller's bakery
his kids dig my kids
all the kids dig donuts
this would be easier than corraling cats

the morning stats late
everyone stayed up the late night prior
we all slept till almost 8
be got dressed
after the boys were dressed I had them each give their mother a potted plant
not the plants I would chose for the yard
but dean picked them out at home depot
lisa smiled a wide grin
she even liked the necklace for her birthday from appalacian spring

a morning call for a meeting/departure time
it was cool and nice
all the boys in shorts and sweat shirts
the march was fast
the service was good
has the wisdom of ordering my breakfast sandwiches while the kids roamed and decided what they wanted
donuts and everything was eaten in the Lamont Street Park
everyone was in good control
they were playing well together

the time was getting late
was starting to look like we were going to miss the already bumped back drop off time for the kids at my mother's
it is easier to move the kids at their speed
and honestly
we were having a good time
we huddle up
I tell them that I want to play stuck in the mud at the park
that we need to focus and move as a group

the boys all respond
we move down the road
crossing the street like hands across america
moving the sidewalk like parkour course
the boys are treating everything like a balance beam or a jump
I get locked into a game of stuck in the mud
the kids are smiling
I am having a great time as well
even two year old grant is freeing the boys
there is grand interaction across the board

stuck in the mud moves to races
the boys love race
try to stagger things fair
issah and dean are pretty evenly matched
issah may be a tad faster
he is a year older
but dean is much taller
sammy and grant get a ten then a twenty yard each
we have several races
each race taking up a section of the alley walk home
it may take the same time as just walking with meandering and argueing
but this is whole lot of fun
everyone is giggling and smiling
even me

we get home and try to organize things as fast as we
things with a two year old and a four year old are not always that fast
dean has taken off his shoes and his sweat shirt
that is the way things go
I try to get him to get it all back together
these things take time
these things can be frustrating
but he needs to do these things himself

we finally get things to my mom's
she is excited to see the boys
she is sweet to let us be so late
she is excited to see the boys and she is excited to give me and lisa a moment to be alone
she is sweet to think of us
lisa and I head to great falls on the maryland side to hike with the dogs

we shoot for Falls road
lisa is worried about the time and wants start more directly on the billy goat
we go to the lower parking lot at old angler's inn
not sure what the dogs remember
but the dogs have been going here
I have been going here many times a year for almost thirty years
the dogs have been going here many times a year for each of their nine years
more times in the years before kids
it was an awesome hike
we took it at a healthy rate
we worked some alternate paths
we worked some less traveled sections

on the way back we got some subs
starved for food and for time we at our fresh steak and cheese subs while rolling to my mom's
the boys had as much fun as grandma's
the day became more standard from that point on through the day
mother's day became a regular day
but it was still a pretty great day just the same

just watched the Sopranos while reading some blogs
thank goodness for DVR
as the dean was not ready to sleep by 9
while napless grant went down with no issue

let me list some of the blogs I went to tonight
mother's day marla

time for bed