google maps

my wifi is too slow for google earth
but the google maps are still pretty sweet
sure map brains like camps and daniels may laugh at my neophyte technology
but I love the maps
I love to trace a ride or a loop
just worked on an article for SPOKES magazine
wanted to include some more maps
but already included so much text
there are three or four vital maps
wanted to hear from the editor before I put in too much unneeded effort
the maps are out there
figure that those interested in the ride can go to the web and search out the details themselves

it is a pretty cool ride
a dirt ride from the Capitol Building to the Cabin John Trails in Potomac Maryland
at least 95% dirt
roughly minimum 40 miles up and back

do a google map flight
trace that route
trace a route
pretty cool, this technology and such

good map of the cabin john trails

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