my two sons make me so proud

my two boys make me proud
they make me proud for so many different reasons
it makes me proud to see them get up after they fall down
to see them skin their knees and not cry excessively
for them to just do the things they do makes me proud
as their father it is my job to be proud of them
and I enjoy this job

last week my older son dean was going through his I hate school routine
four seems a little young for this sort of thing
but... they grow up fast
as I tried to give some reason to my son's feelings
he immediately shot me down... telling me that I told him this answer last week
I had not know that he needed a new and different explanation each and every time we had this discussion
but apparently so
before I could continue any further with a new line of logic dean told me this
dad... I do not want to go to school... I just want to stay home all day and ride my bike
this made me very proud

ever since telling my son about the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms (along with pictures) he has wanted to attach a headlamp to his helmet
the late sunset makes darkness pretty close to bedtime
I think I will have to put a light on there before it gets dark
as he is so insistent

last year Dean and Lisa camped with me at the Shenandoah Mountain 100
Dean has asked to go camping at a mountain bike race again
that boy warms my heart
as well does his younger brother grant

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