mountain biking messengers

recently I had a personal discovery
well, actually.... I had multiple discoveries
I learned that a number of my favorite cycling subjects were friends
(shocker... they work downtown on their bikes.. no dah~!)
then, I also learned that a number of these messengers are also mountain bikers
not just mountain bikers.... but mountain bike racers
and good ones two

at the two races I have done this year I ran into full on crew of messengers with their mountain bikes
what was cooler.... was at the lodi event the team of mountain biking messengers camped with a number of friends

cargo mike is one of these mountain biking messengers... he was top ten in Single Speed at Greenbriar and I think he was on a podium team at lodi although I forget what class

max (who I have some image of and want to post... but blogger is refusing me) is also a mountain biking messenger...

in addition to the mountain biking messengers there are also some high level road racing messengers
made in austrailia shane
chris aka THC (totally hard core/the highest chris.... or something like that)
to name a few
although I have not seen chris in a while

oh... there is my photo friend kevin dillard who rides/races/photos/ and documents

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