Rants on Cycling and on Life


it is tough dealing with transitions
the change of seasons has its drawback
when it is not fall and not winter and then when it is not winter and not spring can be a hassle
rain instead of snow
and muddy earth rather than firm hardpack
even walking the dogs in Rock Creek is a hazard
not just to me, but to the environment
all I have to do is walk the dogs and I can see that there is still too much ice and too much mud to bother with spinning out in the woods
sure I poke in for a few yards here and there
but only to scope it out
early morning and cold days are the only option till spring truly arrives

I was going to create few metaphors about transition
maybe something about hair, like that awkward inbetween stage
where someone's hair is not short and not long
a pony tail turns out to be more of a dork knob than anything else

but who am I to talk
when it comes to hair it is all or none
and for the past many years I have been leaning to none
don't see that changing any time soon


Pumpkin Circle


Bread Comes to Life

two great film projects by my friend Rhys' dad, george levenson
dean and i are big fans of his work
not to mention he is a wonderful guy with a great family
which my friend tim recently married into

for those that feel that the rants on cycling are getting thin...
here you go
read on
blog on
I am going to take a nap

Mat People-
The Mat People are here, there, they are everywhere!

Next time you leave the house open your eyes. If you look closely enough you will see them. They are waiting for the bus, they are riding their bikes, and they are getting into their cars. The mat people may be your co-workers and some might even be your friends. They are growing in numbers and they are growing in strength. If you look for them, you will see them. I am certain they are there. The were noticeable before, but more noticeable now. The movement many have start way east and them moved way to the west, but now it is here in the east, I see it in DC. The Mat People Movement seems to be mainly in the cities, but may be taking over in the suburbs as well. Who knows....the mat people may start to show up in rural areas as well, but less likely. I fear that if I am not careful, I too may become a mat person. The pull is strong, but the resistance is also great.
We will see.
Time will tell.
We will see.
Let me know what you find.

Are the mat people in your hometown?
Are you a mat person?

Sugar Cereal:
An old high school friend of mine was telling my brother and me about his father's recent marriage. His father had been traveling and met a woman in Cuba, they hit it off, she became his girlfriend. After some time she became pregnant. Marriage seemed like the right thing to do. When this same high school friend shared this info with another old friend, this shrewd hipster had some solid advice, "don't get married till you see the baby....If the baby comes out looking like Captain Crunch you are cool, but it the baby comes out looking like Coco Puffs no need to get married."
The baby came out looking like Coco Puffs.
They got married and as far as I know the baby boy is his.
We believe what we want to believe.

There was not that worry son came out looking like QUISP!


Is that a Rob Roskoff skateboard headed to earth?

As a married man I am always seeking advice from those with more experience with the whole concept of marriage. Some more mature friends of mine are able to share with me advice on why certain marriages failed or why others succeeded.
My neighbor/friend John once told me that after many years of marriage the relationship of husband and wife becomes more like that of brother and sister. Without pause or hesitation I responded, "that is fine for you and Sara Beth, you guys are from West Virginia and can still have a healthy sex life, but what about the rest of us!"


Death of the Elephant
Marco Pantani, who wanted/preferred to be called the pirate, died of a Heart Attack
This may be another blemish on the sport of cycling as they investigate further and find that drugs were a contributing cause to his death.
My heart goes out to all that were close to him. It is sad for anyone to die so young, no matter what the cause.
He is just one of many professional athletes that got wrapped up in the use of drugs to reach his highest potential. It is wrong. I disapprove. But that seems to be how the athletes play the game now days.


when I get a second
Roscoe and Brutus will be strutting their stuff there!

There are many ways to communicate to the world around us. The electronic methods are good, but they have a certain failing....they only contact those with the technology and to those who tune in to it. As I know....people can too easily tune out an electronic message, the DELETE key is always within reach.
Posting of Bills and Flyers can be a good way to communicate an idea, but there are those who get very angry at the staples in the bark or the tape around the tree. So the message is not always seen as people are more concerned with the posted flyer rather than its message.
Some years ago I discovered the joy of SIDEWALK CHALK!
Not sure what my first message topic was.....
It may have been a love note to my wife, an announcement of her passing the CFA exam, or a Halloween Greeting. Somehow that method of communication stuck! I became a the Sidewalk chalk Bandit. With the birth of our first son Dean I posted all of his specs on the stairs in front of our house on Lamont Street. I was a proud father, and the community enjoyed the shared information. Then as each of our friends and neigbors had children I then made similar announcements on their stairs about their new born child.
So, with the birth of our second son, Grant. I have again put out the welcome home sign for lisa. Not balloons, not a giant stork in our front yard, but various pastel colors scribbled onto the stairs and the walk in front of our house.
Dean's brother
Grant Sebek Gwadz
Born Valentines Day
1:37 AM
8lbs 3 oz.
20.5 Inches Long

then down on the sidewalk under the street lamp

Welcome Home Dylan and Grant
(Dylan is our Neighbor' new born baby, born two days prior to Grant)

as I am a proud father I love to share the news
and the neighbors really respond
the rain, snow, wind, and footsteps will wipe it all away
but while it is here
it will act to enlighten, entertain, and educate all that care to read it


Lisa and Grant are back from the hospital
thus far no jealousy has been exhibited by Roscoe, Brutus, or Dean
certainly there will be some
I was jealous of Lisa's love and affection for Roscoe and Brutus
and later Roscoe and Brutus were envious of Lisa's love for Dean
she is just one person
she only has one set of hands
and for the next few months those hands will be concentrating more on Grant than anyone else