Mat People-
The Mat People are here, there, they are everywhere!

Next time you leave the house open your eyes. If you look closely enough you will see them. They are waiting for the bus, they are riding their bikes, and they are getting into their cars. The mat people may be your co-workers and some might even be your friends. They are growing in numbers and they are growing in strength. If you look for them, you will see them. I am certain they are there. The were noticeable before, but more noticeable now. The movement many have start way east and them moved way to the west, but now it is here in the east, I see it in DC. The Mat People Movement seems to be mainly in the cities, but may be taking over in the suburbs as well. Who knows....the mat people may start to show up in rural areas as well, but less likely. I fear that if I am not careful, I too may become a mat person. The pull is strong, but the resistance is also great.
We will see.
Time will tell.
We will see.
Let me know what you find.

Are the mat people in your hometown?
Are you a mat person?

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