Sugar Cereal:
An old high school friend of mine was telling my brother and me about his father's recent marriage. His father had been traveling and met a woman in Cuba, they hit it off, she became his girlfriend. After some time she became pregnant. Marriage seemed like the right thing to do. When this same high school friend shared this info with another old friend, this shrewd hipster had some solid advice, "don't get married till you see the baby....If the baby comes out looking like Captain Crunch you are cool, but it the baby comes out looking like Coco Puffs no need to get married."
The baby came out looking like Coco Puffs.
They got married and as far as I know the baby boy is his.
We believe what we want to believe.

There was not that worry here....my son came out looking like QUISP!


Is that a Rob Roskoff skateboard headed to earth?

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