it is tough dealing with transitions
the change of seasons has its drawback
when it is not fall and not winter and then when it is not winter and not spring can be a hassle
rain instead of snow
and muddy earth rather than firm hardpack
even walking the dogs in Rock Creek is a hazard
not just to me, but to the environment
all I have to do is walk the dogs and I can see that there is still too much ice and too much mud to bother with spinning out in the woods
sure I poke in for a few yards here and there
but only to scope it out
early morning and cold days are the only option till spring truly arrives

I was going to create few metaphors about transition
maybe something about hair, like that awkward inbetween stage
where someone's hair is not short and not long
a pony tail turns out to be more of a dork knob than anything else

but who am I to talk
when it comes to hair it is all or none
and for the past many years I have been leaning to none
don't see that changing any time soon

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