There are many ways to communicate to the world around us. The electronic methods are good, but they have a certain failing....they only contact those with the technology and to those who tune in to it. As I know....people can too easily tune out an electronic message, the DELETE key is always within reach.
Posting of Bills and Flyers can be a good way to communicate an idea, but there are those who get very angry at the staples in the bark or the tape around the tree. So the message is not always seen as people are more concerned with the posted flyer rather than its message.
Some years ago I discovered the joy of SIDEWALK CHALK!
Not sure what my first message topic was.....
It may have been a love note to my wife, an announcement of her passing the CFA exam, or a Halloween Greeting. Somehow that method of communication stuck! I became a the Sidewalk chalk Bandit. With the birth of our first son Dean I posted all of his specs on the stairs in front of our house on Lamont Street. I was a proud father, and the community enjoyed the shared information. Then as each of our friends and neigbors had children I then made similar announcements on their stairs about their new born child.
So, with the birth of our second son, Grant. I have again put out the welcome home sign for lisa. Not balloons, not a giant stork in our front yard, but various pastel colors scribbled onto the stairs and the walk in front of our house.
Dean's brother
Grant Sebek Gwadz
Born Valentines Day
1:37 AM
8lbs 3 oz.
20.5 Inches Long

then down on the sidewalk under the street lamp

Welcome Home Dylan and Grant
(Dylan is our Neighbor' new born baby, born two days prior to Grant)

as I am a proud father I love to share the news
and the neighbors really respond
the rain, snow, wind, and footsteps will wipe it all away
but while it is here
it will act to enlighten, entertain, and educate all that care to read it

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