Rants on Cycling and on Life


Saturday Afternoon
getting ready to race the Susquehanna
trying to get ready to race
was toing to put a Thule Rack on my Honda Element
it seems that the parts I have do not match up with the roof system
human error somewhere
frustrating to say the least
yes.... this is last minute... but... such is my style

while scanning the web for the City Bikes Shop number I found this image
cracks me up the Ned Overend is such a diminutive figure
always thought he was a big guy
not a Clydesdale
certainly not a Clydesdale

that is my brother towering over Ned
and I am two inches taller and 25 pounds larger than my brother
in other words....
if I were in this picture I would look like a cross between Andre the Giant and Shrek.... the handsome features of both



(from Rags)
what amuses me about this site...
these guys used to be local to DC FREE RANGE GRAPHICS
now they are out in SF CA
they do some really great stuff
check out their site
you may know them from the MEATRIX

and here is some more STAR WARS KIDS STUFF



before I start this post I must admit that I have BLOGGED on the topic of STINK FACTOR before
then again I have Bitched and Blogged about cars in traffic before
I BLOG on these topics again.... that is what I do
but honestly.... my archives are always more interesting.... there was a time when I was a far more interesting blogger and perhaps a far more interesting person

do I dare just cut and paste the old article here?
no.... but check the my archives link above and go and scan down to see that I sound pretty much the same
if nothing else you may get a kick out of my wonderful pictures or my BUSH BASHING

let the rants begin....
last night I did looped the Park Road hill in front of my house several times as a substitute for a ride that I really did not have time to take
while speeding downhill against the wind I took in a deep breath of air
the air was not fresh
the air was tainted by the essence of my commuter back pack
like a carton of milk that has gone bad or a 6 ounce tub of sour cream that has gone good
this back pack is exceeding its sell by date
sure it may be good for a week or two past this date
okay.... I may be able to hold my nose and extend the use a little further
but it certainly time to retire this old backpack... this old backpack that is not so old
yet it is time just the same

I can wash it
but the STINK FACTOR is strong
cleaning the backpack with OXYCLEAN or FEBREEZE may give a temporary solution to the problem
but just one or two healthy sweats and I will certainly be smelling the sweats of a few hundred rides with this backpack over the last few years
so it is time to head over to City Bikes and invest in a few things... a few things including backpack, gloves, and shorts
the shorts don't stink
but I can use some more shorts

such replacements are not just for me
but for the people I encounter throughout my day
the handshake on the street
the passing in the halls as I arrive to work
I do not want to smell like I am homeless
if I smell like I am homeless I may get fired from my job which could make me homeless
this needs to be avoided

an urban idea
the bicycle co-op
in the city we lack space
we lack storage space
we lack closet space
for some there is lack of space to store and work on bicycles; especially those in apartments

in some urban areas the garages are rented
these large old garages are often called "carriage houses" as they date back to a time where man traveled with a horse drawn carriage
on Capitol Hill these carriage houses are a culture in themselves
various allies are filled will carriage houses occupied by artists and craftsman and of course cars
artists with studios for scultpting, painting, or even woodworking
craftsman doing their cabinetry, faux design, or any other of the potential various home projects
it would make sense for some apartment dwelling cyclists to unite and rent one of these spaces
if the space were within close proximity to their home they could use this as a facility to keep the bikes and tools out of their apartment
no tight stairway walk up
no clutter from bikes and wheels
no grease and oil on the floor
no tools floating around the kitchen and the bedroom

I am fortunate enough to have space for my bikes
this is a thought that could be effective for others

gotta roll
the boys are now asking for my attention
before they were entertained without me
actually asking me not to get involved in their games
telling me they do not want to hear a book

now Dean wants the Star Wars movie.....
this one did not satisfy Dean's desires

a cyclist's "Stitch and Bitch"
there is a popular trend with the ladies going around called Stich and Bitch*
(*GOOGLE it!)
this is a little social gatherings where the modern gals gather and sew
well... some sew and some knit while other may just bitch
the ladies exchange knowledge about the various crafts
more so...
the ladies get to hang out and chat
or so I suspect.... as I have never attended such an event

recently I have been working on my bikes
not tinkering
just working, repairing, and cleaning my bikes
the bare minimum really
well, I think it would make sense for cyclist to get their own little "stitch and bitch" going
only the time would be spent on the mountain bikes, commuters, and racers instead of making a scarf, socks, and quilts

so far I have yet to come up with a clever equivelant of Stitch and Bitch

Wrench and Stench?
Tinker and Stinker?
Fix with Pricks?

no matter what it should be called
this may make for a wonderful off season plan
maybe twice a month in someone's basement, garage, or home shop
gather with bikes or bike projects
create that "franken-bike" you always wanted
or learn how to properly adjust your brakes, build a wheel, or rebuild a suspension fork
work would get done and time would be well spent
mechanic skills would be built and bonds would be created

I always loved that club house feel around the bike shop

night time routine
before bed Dean and Grant usually get a book or two

sometimes Dean requests "a movie on the computer"
this usually means downloading a trailer from the Apple site
sometimes we get a little more obscure
last night we got OLD SCHOOL with this Star Wars animation


Snow Cones
perhaps this is a summer treat from a simpler time
or maybe you just need to be a kid to enjoy them
either way
I feel about the Snow Cone in the same way that many people feel about Necco Waffers and Circus Peanuts
(two candies that rank within my long list of favorites)
that said
tonight I gave Dean and Grant each a snow cone
Grant immediately passed his snow cone off to me only to take occassional licks from Dean's snow cone
always a wonderful image to see Dean playing the role of the "good" big brother
it was a good way to spend the tail end of an evening
had the porch been mosquito free it may have been a picture perfect summer scene
it was a tad rushed
and perhaps a little uncomfortable
on another night we will have to swap out watermelon for snow cones
as I know that that is a wonderful outdoor summer evening treat!


races this weekend
there are two races this weekend... The Cranky Monkey and the Susquehanna Scorcher (a Dan Comber
as I raced the three of the four WAW: Wednesday at Wakefield races I think I may want to swap out for something different

as much as I love Wakefield
my brain and my body need some variety
also would like to aid is supporting the resurrection of the Dan Comber Series

as well hosted as the Cranky Monkey may be Dan Comber tends to support the Clydesdale Class
my decision will be dictated by the course

weighing the scales between proximity and variety
right now it looks like VARIETY is winning out

it will be good to see Dan Comber
race promoting seems to be a labor of love
something that so few riders and racers can


want to sleep
but lance is on Charlie Rose
great interview
these guys have a great repoire (spelling)
(my copy editor Jonathan Maus has informed me that it is "rapport"
thanks Jonathan... where were you when I was typing papers in college?)


the air car
they are working on a larger car for the Republican consumer... the Republican Air Car runs on hot air with a flatulent turbo boost option



some time ago I thought I would have several blogs
a blog about bikes
a blog about the kids
an anonymous blog where I can say things that I need not be held accountable for
I really do not have the time for several blogs
I really do not have the time for as much blogging as I would like to be doing

here is my older son Dean's Blog
just found it again
I wonder if I can remember the password for it

and here is Larry Camps set of blogs
Larry and bikes
Larry and the family


is it too soon to "publish and post" a retraction to my premature product review on the Crank Brother's mini pump
I may want to rethink or at least re-evaluate my hasty judgement
perhaps I was swayed by design
it is pretty, compact, and cool.... there is something about its apparrent simplicity
perhaps I was swayed by the Crank Brother's name
perhaps I was swayed by it being swag from a race
any way I look at it I may want to compare my pump options

this Crank Brother's tool may be a small light weight option in addition to a CO2 cartridge
but for speed and functionality.... I am much more satisfied with my almost im-portable travel pump
for years I have been squeezing a long thin Topeak pump into my Camelback
it was always a close fit
in the situation with a flat.... I was always pleased that it was my relief option
in the Michaux race it would have been impossible for me to use the Crank Brothers pump with my broken finger
forget that... that is a worst case senario that we do not anticipate again

that motion of keeping the wheel/tire stable with my thigh as I contort my body in a fashion where I can pump things up fast without risking breaking the presta valve stem
these are not issues with the pump that I have depended upon for the last many years

this pump is more than likely off the market
there must be something like it that would meet not just my needs but my expectations
the Topeak Master Blaster has more than likely made its pass through this world on the clearance table
let me google it

this at SUPERGO
The item you requested no longer exists. Return to Previous Page
finding all sorts of Topeak Products using the name but none of the pumps are anything like my Master Blaster
where is the straw like tube that goes from the pump body 7 inches to the valve
where is the little pop out foot stand (A MUST!)
where is the grip that twists out and finishes the mock of the standard floor pump

I will give the Crank Brothers another try
but I am not going to sacrifice form for function on this one
although I have considered going the way of the C02 catridges
and traveling with the two products mini pump and CO2
or stick with the the 7 year old Master Blaster

What is the word on CO2?
(not N20)

if I could get my brother to find a review that rates various pumps with charts and what not

Two Summer Drink Ideas-

both refreshing and volatile
a great summer drink
put down the beer
never mind that white wine on ice
get yourself a bottle of Ricard

the basic mix is a 1:5 Ricard to Water
which aids in the hydration while you take on a gentle numbness
it is not cheap
not sure if your corner pub carries it
not even sure if your local package store has it either

but I am sure
that all of those that like that Good and Plenty licorice flavor
this is the summer drink for you

Then for those who like to pull out the Blender*-
Aunt Cathy from Pittsburgh's recipe
(no blender needed.... unless you want crushed ice)
(don't picture a blue haired lady... Cathy is a few years younger than me)
simple enough
go out and get some of those little frozen LIMEADE cylinders, some pale beer (Corona or one of the other clear beers,) and a bottle of TEQULLIA
follow the instructions for the LIMEADE except use Beer instead of Water
then add Tequilla
use your own disgression
some people like to sweeten up their Margaritas with Honey
sure.... put some honey in your Beer-Ga-Rita!

*warning Tequlla can cause short term memory loss or so I have been told
as I can not remember

from my friend Gibby


here are a few shots of fellow City Bikes Mountainbike Racer DT
to me there are many things odd in this picture
-the fixed gear off road
-the dress (as it is clearly an evening gown for a season other than summer)
-and the absence of underwear or cycling shorts

Wednesday at Wakefield Photos
there were a few folks out at the
Wakefield Races taking Photos
Pete Tuscano and JJ Foley (joe foley's kid brother) have each posted some images on the Web
the "montage" is of some City Bikes folks as taken by Pete

it was hot
a tough call....
let my back breath or wear a camelback
with my recovering hand I never had the moment to refuel from the water bottle in the downtube
that is always a tough call
I think I need to find time to refuel
that Gatorade/Red Bull fusion could have kept lap two and lap three at lap one pace
it is a good little shot of nitrous to the engine

can someone explain some stuff to me
so we have these people that call themselves the CULTURE OF LIFE
the basis of this group is the PRO-LIFE movement
then we have these same people who are ANTI-STEM CELL RESEARCH
these same people are advocates of the DEATH PENALTY and are willing to send people off to WAR (in Iraq)
I am so confused


seems like they are 50/50 on the whole LIFE CONCEPT

pro-choice (which does not mean pro-abortion... but there are plenty of cases where it is the best option)
pro-science and technology (which means yes to Stem Cell research)
pro-Death Penalty (I would be willing to institute the Death Penalty for lesser crimes as long as only the guilty were the ones getting the punishment)
Anti-War only as a LAST RESORT (against the war in Iraq... would like to see some sort of action in what is called the War on Terror)

and of course....
where is the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE when our current president has a FAITH BASED ININIATIVE!??!?!?!

the fact that our country is being highjacked by the Religious Right blows my mind
someone please help this country

in reponse to DT's comment
I have no issue with same sex marriages
in this case I defer to the bumper sticker


tough combination
late night drinking
early morning intime at work
mix a little sloppiness in between...
a four year old with a cold who woke up at 2:30 AM with a fever and a nightmare
which in turn woke up his light sleeping little brother who then refused to go back to sleep
which means
my head hurts from hang over and sleep devrivation
such is life as a father who still likes to go out and play
did I mention my legs are sore from pulling the two boys around in the Burley trailer yesterday afternoon
calgon take me away!