is it too soon to "publish and post" a retraction to my premature product review on the Crank Brother's mini pump
I may want to rethink or at least re-evaluate my hasty judgement
perhaps I was swayed by design
it is pretty, compact, and cool.... there is something about its apparrent simplicity
perhaps I was swayed by the Crank Brother's name
perhaps I was swayed by it being swag from a race
any way I look at it I may want to compare my pump options

this Crank Brother's tool may be a small light weight option in addition to a CO2 cartridge
but for speed and functionality.... I am much more satisfied with my almost im-portable travel pump
for years I have been squeezing a long thin Topeak pump into my Camelback
it was always a close fit
in the situation with a flat.... I was always pleased that it was my relief option
in the Michaux race it would have been impossible for me to use the Crank Brothers pump with my broken finger
forget that... that is a worst case senario that we do not anticipate again

that motion of keeping the wheel/tire stable with my thigh as I contort my body in a fashion where I can pump things up fast without risking breaking the presta valve stem
these are not issues with the pump that I have depended upon for the last many years

this pump is more than likely off the market
there must be something like it that would meet not just my needs but my expectations
the Topeak Master Blaster has more than likely made its pass through this world on the clearance table
let me google it

this at SUPERGO
The item you requested no longer exists. Return to Previous Page
finding all sorts of Topeak Products using the name but none of the pumps are anything like my Master Blaster
where is the straw like tube that goes from the pump body 7 inches to the valve
where is the little pop out foot stand (A MUST!)
where is the grip that twists out and finishes the mock of the standard floor pump

I will give the Crank Brothers another try
but I am not going to sacrifice form for function on this one
although I have considered going the way of the C02 catridges
and traveling with the two products mini pump and CO2
or stick with the the 7 year old Master Blaster

What is the word on CO2?
(not N20)

if I could get my brother to find a review that rates various pumps with charts and what not

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