a cyclist's "Stitch and Bitch"
there is a popular trend with the ladies going around called Stich and Bitch*
(*GOOGLE it!)
this is a little social gatherings where the modern gals gather and sew
well... some sew and some knit while other may just bitch
the ladies exchange knowledge about the various crafts
more so...
the ladies get to hang out and chat
or so I suspect.... as I have never attended such an event

recently I have been working on my bikes
not tinkering
just working, repairing, and cleaning my bikes
the bare minimum really
well, I think it would make sense for cyclist to get their own little "stitch and bitch" going
only the time would be spent on the mountain bikes, commuters, and racers instead of making a scarf, socks, and quilts

so far I have yet to come up with a clever equivelant of Stitch and Bitch

Wrench and Stench?
Tinker and Stinker?
Fix with Pricks?

no matter what it should be called
this may make for a wonderful off season plan
maybe twice a month in someone's basement, garage, or home shop
gather with bikes or bike projects
create that "franken-bike" you always wanted
or learn how to properly adjust your brakes, build a wheel, or rebuild a suspension fork
work would get done and time would be well spent
mechanic skills would be built and bonds would be created

I always loved that club house feel around the bike shop

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