an urban idea
the bicycle co-op
in the city we lack space
we lack storage space
we lack closet space
for some there is lack of space to store and work on bicycles; especially those in apartments

in some urban areas the garages are rented
these large old garages are often called "carriage houses" as they date back to a time where man traveled with a horse drawn carriage
on Capitol Hill these carriage houses are a culture in themselves
various allies are filled will carriage houses occupied by artists and craftsman and of course cars
artists with studios for scultpting, painting, or even woodworking
craftsman doing their cabinetry, faux design, or any other of the potential various home projects
it would make sense for some apartment dwelling cyclists to unite and rent one of these spaces
if the space were within close proximity to their home they could use this as a facility to keep the bikes and tools out of their apartment
no tight stairway walk up
no clutter from bikes and wheels
no grease and oil on the floor
no tools floating around the kitchen and the bedroom

I am fortunate enough to have space for my bikes
this is a thought that could be effective for others

gotta roll
the boys are now asking for my attention
before they were entertained without me
actually asking me not to get involved in their games
telling me they do not want to hear a book

now Dean wants the Star Wars movie.....
this one did not satisfy Dean's desires

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