Two Summer Drink Ideas-

both refreshing and volatile
a great summer drink
put down the beer
never mind that white wine on ice
get yourself a bottle of Ricard

the basic mix is a 1:5 Ricard to Water
which aids in the hydration while you take on a gentle numbness
it is not cheap
not sure if your corner pub carries it
not even sure if your local package store has it either

but I am sure
that all of those that like that Good and Plenty licorice flavor
this is the summer drink for you

Then for those who like to pull out the Blender*-
Aunt Cathy from Pittsburgh's recipe
(no blender needed.... unless you want crushed ice)
(don't picture a blue haired lady... Cathy is a few years younger than me)
simple enough
go out and get some of those little frozen LIMEADE cylinders, some pale beer (Corona or one of the other clear beers,) and a bottle of TEQULLIA
follow the instructions for the LIMEADE except use Beer instead of Water
then add Tequilla
use your own disgression
some people like to sweeten up their Margaritas with Honey
sure.... put some honey in your Beer-Ga-Rita!

*warning Tequlla can cause short term memory loss or so I have been told
as I can not remember

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